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Window Security, What to Do

Window SecuritySo, what do we do wrong and a substantial percentage of home intrusions happen through windows? I’ll tell you. Most of us disregard windows when it comes to home security.The truth is that most burglars break in through doors. But aren’t windows access points too? Why take chances when you can avoid burglaries?

Surely, there are various tips and tricks to follow to discourage burglars, like keeping the curtains shut, placing blinders, and installing bars. But what if you don’t like to turn your home into a prison? And what’s the point of shutting the curtains when the window cannot provide any resistance at all?

There are several things you can do to reinforce window security. And you can start by changing the way you think about windows and their role in your house’s security. Should we see all that in greater detail?

Install window locks and lock the windows

All windows have locks. But are we talking about high-security locks? Certainly, not. Mostwindow lock windows have simple locks, which can easily open – or even bend due to their poor material. It makes sense to say that one of the most effective ways to boost window security is to install new locks. What’s the problem with that? Not all windows are the same and not all locks are the same. Also, most window locks are not as resistant as high-security door locks.

What should you do? For starters, change locks. Or, add supplementary locks. To do that correctly, you need to consider the type of window. Is this a casement window? A double-hung window? A sliding window? Consult with a locksmith to be sure you get the right locks for the specific window.

Sash locks are the most popular style for most windows. Still, you need to make sure with your local locksmith. Now, other ways to secure windows include the following.

  • Pins locks. You need to drill a couple of holes to place the pin. They are an excellent choice for double- and single-hung windows as well as for sliding windows. They prevent the window from opening.
  • Track locks are a good choice for sliding windows – and patio doors for that matter and they don’t require drilling. They keep the window in place by hand-tightening the bolt.
  • Bar locks are good for sash and slide windows. What they do is obstruct the path of the window’s movement and when they are fully locked, the window cannot open at all.
  • Stop locks are great for single- and double-hung windows. With the wedge out, the window opens. With the wedge pushed in, the window may open only from inside the house.

Replace locks and also lock the windows. All windows. Don’t believe for a second that burglars won’t climb to the second floor of the home if they see a window unlocked. That’s one more mistake we often do. We leave windows unlocked just because we are at home and believe we have control. We don’t.

Replace windows, if needed

Now, before you install locks, check the windows. What’s the point of installing new locksfc locksmith window door installation when there’s structural damage or the glass can be easily shattered? Is this a single glass pane window? Is the frame rotten or warped? It’s time to get new windows. What do you need? Impact-resistant windows with double glazing at the very least. Such windows will withstand the elements and discourage burglars. Why will they drive them away? Because they want in and out quickly, and have no time to bother with glass panes hard to break and durable frames.

If you get new windows, see if you can have a multi-point locking system to go with them. It’s the best way to lock windows.

Which window type is considered the best of all in terms of higher security? Casement windows. And how about the material, you may ask! Aluminum windows.

Install window security film

One more way to further protect window glass panes from easily breaking is to install a security film. The window security film is cut to fit all pane sizes and shapes, and is easy to place and remove. It adheres to the glass pane and prevents it from easily shattering.

Place sensors, cameras and alarms

These days, you can find all sorts of sensors and they do a great job as burglar deterrents. A motion detector lighting system will be great for your windows. If you connect the windows to the home’s alarm system, you will get alerted if the window opens. And you will have it all in camera if you install a CCTV system too.

See? There’s a bunch of things you can do to increase window security.

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