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Why Lock Rekey is Crucial

When there is no time to search for new security locks or no money to proceed with lock change, rekeying the locks is an excellent alternative solution.

The basic idea of lock rekey

When locks are rekeyed are not actually replaced. The experts of FC Locksmith just change the wafer configuration or the tumbler and not the actual lock. By changing the pins of the lock, the current key cannot be used anymore. Key change will be needed to fit the new configuration and so the old key will be useless. So, you will have a new key in your pocket which won’t be worn either and, thus, you don’t have to worry about house lockouts anymore due to broken keys.

The importance of rekeying locks

When homes are constructed, keys are distributed to several technical teams and later on to real estate agents and they all promise to get the keys back once the house is rented or sold. But do they? How can you ever be sure that no one has the keys of your new house or office? Who can ever assure you? Since landlords are not obliged by law to have the locks replaced in between tenants, you simply walk into a new property with used locks and keys probably scattered in different hands and pockets. Basically what you need is to own your own key knowing that nobody else has a copy and that’s possible and easy to do with lock rekey.

The procedure of rekeying locks comes handy when you are dealing with complex master key systems. The whole idea of these systems is to have one master key (usually kept by the manager or the superintended) and multiple change keys for the tenants. But what happens when the manager retires or some of the tenants move out? If the management must change the entire master key system every time someone moves out, it will be a financial disaster! Rekeying the necessary locks is an excellent solution and gives a way out to those who are looking for smart and quick solutions. This method will help you feel safe and still won’t cost much!

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