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Which Access Control Systems to Choose for Office Buildings

card readerMaintaining office buildings secure is as important as ensuring convenient access to all employees, employers and visitors. That’s where access control systems jump in. They enable easy access, increase security, and allow you to have control of who is permitted in which area within the building. But not all access control systems are the same just like not all office buildings are the same either. Building structures vary as much as security needs. And that’s why there are solutions for everyone.

Which are the main access control components?access-control-system

In order to increase security and have access control, you need to find solutions that will bring a balance between convenience and safety. And there are all sorts of components included in access control systems.

•   Electric strikes and buzz systems, which will enable you to open the door once you hear the buzz and be sure it will be automatically locked – there are fail secure and fail safe options here.

•   Card readers come with panels that will enable you to wave or insert the card to gain access.

•   CCTV systems are cameras which are often paired with intercoms and will enable you to check who is standing behind the door. These cameras will also allow you to check traffic within the building or at its entrance and perimeter.

•   Keypad high security lock are often used in conjunction with card readers or alone.

•   Computers will allow you to check and record activity and will include the database.

•   There is also an intelligent controller or field panel that connects all components to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Which are the main access control system options?

Today, there are two options. You can either choose traditional systems or IP ones.

  • Traditional access control systems include simple intercoms, door locks, card readers, PCs and often security cameras.
  • IP systems are more sophisticated. They connect the readers to a network via wireless or Ethernet signals.
Traditional or IP access control systems?

Access_ControlIP systems provide more freedom as to the number of readers connected to the IP system. With traditional systems, one control panel can only be connected with a certain number of doors. Of course, when it comes to IP systems, there is the concern about hacking and as an overall how vulnerable such systems are.

So, you need to ask yourself how many doors you need to control, how many will have access to which doors, how large the building is etc. It also depends on the nature of your business and how sensitive data or products are. As an overall, access control installation will change your life.

Even a simple telephone entry system with a camera will enable you to keep control of what’s going on in each part of the building. With the latest automation systems, you can actually do it all: have control and easy access and so will the employees you want. At the same time, security will be increased and still controlled since the dismissal of an executive won’t mean emergency lock rekey but simply changing a code. The good news is that new technology has made it all easier. The key is finding which systems are ideal for your building.

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