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What to do if your transponder keys get lost, broken or stolen

This type of key adds more protection to your vehicle because it is nearly impossible to start one without that specific key.

car keyThe car manufacturers have gone one step further in the theft-deterrent systems that are placed on the transponder keys. Audi and Volkswagen require that a PIN be gotten before the key can be replaced. BMWs have ten transponder codes programmed into their keys, and roll through them. BMWs will also immobilize your vehicle to prevent it from running in the absence of the key. All of them prevent key blanks from being distributed to anyone except trained locksmiths and dealers.

How do you replace your transponder key if it gets lost, stolen or breaks off in the lock?

Let’s hope that your keys never get lost or stolen. After you’ve scoured your house and lawn, your next call to be to FC Locksmith. Our factory trained locksmiths offer emergency service and are able to duplicate most transponder keys. Locksmiths have the special diagnostic equipment available to access the computer’s embedded codes and get you on your way.

If your transponder key has broken off in the lock, FC Locksmith can also fix that. We can extract the broken pieces from your ignition or door and create a new key for you on the spot, allowing you to get on to more important things. Because we keep track of the latest technologies, bringing in an auto locksmith is the perfect solution.

Having a dealer duplicate your car’s transponder keys is cost prohibitive. After keys are lost, broken or stolen, your first call should be to a trained locksmith. We will figure out the best solution to your problem. Whether it be changing the locking mechanisms or re-keying, our  trained locksmith will do everything they can to get you on your way.

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