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What Are Magnetic Locks and Why Choose Them Over Standard Locks?

magnetic Door-lockThere are many different types of locks on the market today. Many people seem happy with standard locks. These are good products, but there is another strong security option out there. Today we are going to talk about magnetic locks and why you should choose them over standard locks. Before you can make a good choice; you need to know more about this special type.


What Are Magnetic Locks?


The electromagnetic lock is an electric locking device. It does not rely on pins and tumblers. Instead, it uses an electromagnet and armature plate. These products can keep a door closed without the use of a bolt. Obviously, these locks rely on magnets. Most people are familiar with these items. If you have ever held a few of them, you know they can attract and repel. The type a professional locksmith installs can offer 600-1200 pounds of pressure. So, how does it work?


In the case of these locks, an electrical current initiates the magnetic force. Metal becomes briefly magnetized. This applies pressure to the armature plate. A very strong connection is formed. An experienced locksmith service can install these locks to enhance security. So, how do they enhance security?

The Locks That Can’t Be Picked!

fail safeA strong magnetic locking system cannot be picked. It does not have pins and tumblers. It can only be opened when the current is interrupted. There are two different types of magnetic locks. The most common could be the “fail safe.” This lock will automatically unlock in an emergency. The other type is the “fail secure.” It does not unlock during an emergency. There are pros and cons for both. Most agree that the doors should be assessable during an emergency.


Operating Methods


There are many options for unlocking magnetic locks. You can use key codes. A password is entered into a keypad and the door unlocks. The card swipe is another popular method. A card with a magnetic strip unlocks the door. Motion sensors are also used. The motion type is popular in big retail stores. Magnetic cards are more common in hospitals and government buildings. Push buttons are also popular in schools. The visitor cannot enter until a button is pushed to grant entrance.



Why Choose Magnetic Locks Over Standard Locks

To be honest it is better to consider both of these options for some situations. The magnetic lock is superior in many ways. It is hidden from view. It cannot be picked. These products are very strong, fast opening, and can be controlled from a remote location. To get the most out of these locking systems, an experienced residential or commercial locksmith should install it. Standard locks can be picked. The standard bolt system is not always the most secure. Talk to your local locksmith. Here you will find answers to all your questions and get the service you need.

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