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Ways to Protect Your Home When You Are In Vacations

Before you pack the suitcase or book your tickets for your summer vacations, you need to make sure you’ll return to a safe home.

Beach with smiling sunIntruders love the summer just like you because most houses stay empty for a long time and usually unprotected. This gives them the time to search for weak entry points and invade your home violating a loose lock or finding a spare key under the flower pot. This is not the 1950s and thieves are not only smarter, they are also much better equipped and well organized. It’s time to outsmart them, prove your intelligence, prudency and inventiveness and keep your house intact.

When was the last time you had your locks replaced?

If you can’t really remember, it means it’s been years. In this case, you might want to consider lock replacement but you cannot wait till last moment. FC Locksmith will offer you plenty of good advice but, most of all, it will change all the old and unreliable window and door locks and suggest the best products in the market. There are amazing and durable locks and you can pick different ones for different doors and windows depending on whether they are of high or low risk. Don’t underestimate the capacities of intruders and skip the small window in the attic. They can find the best ways to get in even if they have to climb a mountain.

Were you planning to install an alarm system?

Well, this is the best time. It’s a good idea to connect it with other entrances as well as the garage door. This way you can rest assured that all entry points are covered and the police will be notified if someone will try to get in. Keep in mind that intruders rarely risk to invade homes with high tech security systems and prefer easier targets. Alarm systems are supposed to scare them off and they are not sufficient on their own. Hence, you need to combine them with good security locks. Of course, if you have replaced them recently, you would just need to check their effectiveness

Give your house key to a good friend

Most intruders like to observe the movements in a house before they break in. If they see you leave but someone else arriving a few hours later, they will be puzzled and probably move on to another house. A friend can visit occasionally the house, turn on the lights and put the television or some music on. Most importantly, he must pick up mail and junk mail because this is the first thing intruders notice. If they find too much junk mail at your doorstep, they will know for sure homeowners are away.

Tell a neighbor to keep an eye

Good neighbors that can be trusted are a treasure and your valuable weapon when you are away. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and call the police if they suspect anything out of the ordinary. They could also throw some of their garbage in your bin because this is another place intruders check. Of course, you must notify them about the friend, who would come into your house, because you don’t want to upset the police, ruin your friendship and make the neighbor the bad guy over nothing.

You do have a dog, you just didn’t know it

There are fabulous devices in the market that can imitate the barking of the dog or turn on the radio and the lights. The thieves will be surprised. One minute they will feel confident about picking on your lock and the next moment they will hear noise from within.

Lock well before you go

The combination of many actions will certainly give you the confidence that you have done the best you could to keep your home well protected. Sometimes, we engage in so many tasks that we forget the obvious. Don’t forget to lock well all doors and windows before you go or set the alarm on; otherwise, all you did and spent was for nothing.

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