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Upgrading the Locks is the Wisest Summer Home Improvement

The summer is here! It’s time to leave problems behind, enjoy short or long vacations and get some tan! You deserve some time off but your house deserves some attention, too.

Upgrading the LocksWouldn’t you feel better if you would leave behind a secure home? Wouldn’t it better if your kids played in a yard well-protected with security gate locks? These are not matters for consideration; this is time for action. Upgrading the locks will give you confidence and freedom of movements. It is the first and basic step to ensure home security, lock out threats and protect your family.

Basic reasons to upgrade home locks

If you would follow the statistical data about crime rates, you wouldn’t need specific reasons for lock replacement. Summer is the ideal time for burglaries. Intruders know well that most houses are empty and homeowners wouldn’t have their minds on upgrading their security systems at this time of year. Prove them wrong! Secure your home and lock them out!

Reason number one: new technologies evolve faster than you think

You might think that your door locks are sufficient for the protection of your house and of the latest technology but are they really? The experts of FC Locksmith would suggest deadbolt installation and you should choose deadbolt locks with nickel finish for extra strength. You can even install two of them: one higher and the other lower the door knob. You must remember that intruders avoid the hard work and are opportunists who search for unprotected homes. There are many products on the market by different brands and you must choose different ones for different doors. Manufacturers keep upgrading their systems and so do you!

Reason number two: upgrade your locks when they are old

old-lockYou cannot expect security when your door locks are weak, old and loose. Do you really have an idea of what’s going on inside the lock? When they age, they start rusting and one day you will find yourself locked out, the key may break in the cylinder or it won’t turn. It is an excellent idea to avoid all this hassle with prudency. Lock change is obligatory when the keys and locks are old. You might hear the characteristic sound of the key locking the door every night but it would only take one kick to bring the door down.

Reason number three: homes are fragile during the summer

Even if you cannot afford long vacations this year, you will definitely take small trips, go away for long weekends or enjoy some excursions. Summer predisposes people to stay out longer and we all enjoy concerts, parties, walks and more frequent meetings with friends under the sun or moon. You wouldn’t want to return to a vandalized home. Spending more time outdoors or away would give intruders the chance to approach your property. Lead them away with strong and reliable security door locks.

Secure your home inside out

Security and safety go hand in hand and both have multiple meanings. You need to feel secure when you are at home and you need to feel secure when you are out but you also need to feel safe.

Consider the need of each door

Don’t exhaust all your energy on finding the perfect lock for your front door. You must think of all doors and windows of your house starting from the gate and moving your way in. Ask consultation from the specialists at FC Locksmith because they can tell you which locks are appropriate for each entrance. Residential lock change requires method and good consideration of the odds. Don’t leave out the basement door or the garage door, the back door or the door which separates your home from the garage. Secure all windows and install good locks on the gate as well. Won’t you feel more confident with your kids playing in a safe garden? You need to remember that you don’t only have to lock out threats but keep those inside safe, too.

Shield your cabinets

Threats are not coming merely from the outside world. They are found around the house as well. During the summer kids spend the whole day at home, which must be childproof. You wouldn’t want to deal with poisoning by chemicals or medicine. Would you? So, replace the cabinet locks and make your house a safe place.

Once you start thinking about upgrading home locks, you would realize the multiplicity of dangers. You would see the world from a different perspective and it’s in your hands to change this perspective once and for all!

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