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Traditional Locks Are Still Smart for Secure Homes

Traditional Locks We didn’t call them traditional locks until their high-end brothers were born. And then, we started using terms, like traditional deadbolts, digital locks, smart locks, – the list is rather long. The entrance into the digital world wasn’t just a revolution for technology, it was also our chance to spread many choices on the table and take a pick among high-security locks. Now, that we have it all, we wonder: traditional or digital locks? And for that, we can simply say that there’s the time and the place for both. After all, not all properties are the same. And then again, not all parts of the house have the same risk. What we are here to discover though is that in spite of the presence of digital locks, traditional locks are still the smart way to secure the home. Let’s see why.

High security door locks are durable

In order to compete with their digital counterparts, traditional door locks have been improved. There’s no doubt that the quality among different types and brands of locks varies. But this has always been an issue. Nowadays, home security has become a major issue. Not that this wasn’t an issue a few decades back, but today we have many more valuables at home and so having the right locks to secure them becomes essential. And that’s the reason why we also enjoy a wide choice of high security door locks, safes, alarm systems, and all kinds of deterrents.

As long as the locks meet the acceptable requirements of the ANSI standards, they are okay. After all, the ANSI/BHMA lock grading system ranges from 1 to 3, pinpointing lock resistance based on function. And so, if you want a low security lock installation, you can settle for grade 3. If you want the most durable locks available, you opt for grade 1.

High security locks combined with deterrents make a force

The whole point in trying to find the best lock replacement for your door is to prevent burglaries. If it weren’t for that, locks wouldn’t exist. The problem here is that the smarter locks become, the more experienced burglars become too. In order to break into homes with smart and resistant door locks, burglars became dexterous. And not just that. Don’t forget that burglars haven’t jumped in this world from another age; they know the popular locks on the market. And so, the best way to keep them from breaking in is to add so many obstacles that would be nearly impossible for them to get inside the home. Or it will take them too long to do so and therefore, they’ll look to break in another home. Simply put, having a local locksmith install new locks is great. But your home will be better protected if you add security cameras, an alarm system, and any other deterrent you consider useful too.

The digital lock cost is also a consideration

Generally speaking, smart locks are more expensive that traditional locks. And the cost is always a consideration since the best way to safeguard your home is to install locks of top quality at all entry points, including the windows and the upper floor. If there’s a garden at your house, it’s best to place motion detectors, extra lights, and a CCTV system at the gate. Naturally, the more you add, the more you spend. And so, it would be nice if you could reduce the cost a little by getting traditional locks instead of digital ones.

After all, top quality high security locks properly installed and maintained in combination with other deterrents will protect your home very well. If you add their reasonable price, traditional locks become the smart way to safeguard your home.

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