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Tips for Shopping Safely This Holiday Season

Christmas is almost upon us and the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

shopping safetlyThe holiday season is meant to be a time of love and sharing for families. People save for months, sometimes longer, for all of their Christmas gifts and the vast majority of these gifts are purchased within a small frame of time. That means that holiday purchases are generally big ones. Unfortunately there are thieves out there prepared to take advantage of the giving spirit of Christmas and target holiday shoppers and their cars.

The important thing to remember when it comes to holiday shopping is to be smart. The following are some safety tips to insure that your shopping experience is both positive and safe:

* Try your best to shop during the day. If you absolutely have to shop at night then make sure that the parking area is well lit and fitted with security cameras.

* Shop with friends. Thieves will generally try and target people shopping alone.

* Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and flashy cloths. Dress casually and try not to carry more bags and packages then you can manage.

* Don’t leave bags and packages in your car. They will draw unwanted attention.

* Avoid carrying cash. If you must carry cash then keep it in your front pocket along with your car keys. This will make it nearly impossible for a pickpocket to steal.

* Be alert and keep your eyes open at all times. Try not to speak on your cell phone to the store and on the way back to your car.

* Be careful when carrying a purse. Try and carry a purse with a strap and have it rest in front of you.

* Make sure that the keys are already in your hand as you approach your car.

* If you are feeling at all nervous then do not hesitate to request that security escort you to your car.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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