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Things you must NEVER Do with Keys

The most valuable things are often small in size and go unnoticed. Take your keys, for example. These simple, little objects are usually taken for granted and no one realizes their importance for our lives, good living conditions and security.

On the contrary, they are usually mistreated, never maintained and hardly protected. Still, these tiny things whether in the form of regular mechanical keys or electronic cards play a major role to our everyday lives and they are definitely responsible for our safety. If you want to comprehend deeply their significance, try to imagine your agony and the consequences of lost house keys and make a small effort to prevent similar problems.

Protect your keys with repairs

The safety of your family depends almost exclusively on the condition of locks and keys and for this reason lock and key repair are both very important. The truth is that keys are more sensitive because they are transferable moving from hands to hands, among drawers and cabinets, locks and purses to pockets and tables. They are strong and durable and that gives us the sense that we can treat them with high disrespect forgetting that they can be bend, distorted or damaged.

Don’t forget that we are dealing with many keys every day and, therefore, it is easier to lose, mix or break them. Problems are definitely parts of our lives but why should you go through trouble or possibly a house lockout when you can prevent them! There are many rules, which must be followed to eliminate the possibility of similar problems, but there is one standing out: Key Repair.

All experts at FC Locksmith would advise you to repair keys often. In fact, you must check them regularly and it is also mandatory to proceed with key replacement every few years, too. This would give you the chance to renew and upgrade the whole security system of your property and avoid problems, which arise with the passing of time.

Key Repair is not sufficient

Key change and repair would not be sufficient if you don’t follow the golden rules of keeping every single key well protected.

  • Never hide them in the garden to avoid an emergency lockout. It’s better to trust your house keys with a good friend.
  • Don’t ever trust them with kids. They will lose them or turn them into their new game until they will get tired and toss them away.
  • Keys are not tools either. Don’t try to clean or scrub a hard surface or material because you would ruin them.
  • If a key doesn’t rotate smoothly in the cylinder of the lock, don’t insist because it would break. It might be the wrong key or it may be something wrong with either the key or lock.
  • Never let them get old. They will die in your hands.
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