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Things To Think About Before Buying A Gun Safe

The purchasing of a handgun or rifle incurs on the new owner a tremendous amount of responsibility. Regardless of whether the gun or rifle is for recreation or for personal protection, the owner is responsible that the firearm remains secure against unauthorized handling.

There is no better way to prevent unauthorized access to a gun then through the purchase of a gun safe. There are a number of things that one should consider when looking for a gun safe for purchase.

The most obvious consideration is the size of the gun safe that is required. The gun safe should not only have enough storage space for all of one’s guns and rifles, but the ammunition and all related accessories as well. One should also take into consideration additional space for any other guns that they might be purchasing. Guns and rifles come in a variety of different sizes but all gun safes will have the number of guns and rifles that they can comfortably hold explicitly marked. It would be a shame to go through the trouble and money of purchasing and installing a gun safe only to find that it cannot adequately store the required firearms.

It should also be kept in mind that people will normally store jewelry and valuables in their gun safes as well as their guns and gun related equipment and ammunition. There are numerous gun safe accessories that can be purchased that will help maximize the safe’s available space. Door organizers can be hung from the door of the safe and will hold miscellaneous items such as ammunition and even small handguns. Pistol racks are great for holding and organizing pistols. There are also cash and jewelry boxes that can be added to the safe which will hold a variety of different valuable items.

If storage is required for a fairly large collection of firearms, ammunition and other miscellaneous items then it might be worth looking into purchasing a larger, free-standing gun safe. If one is interested in storing a single handgun then it is worth purchasing a single handgun or pistol safe. Pistol safes are a great deal smaller and far less expensive than standard gun safes and can easily be hidden in a closet or under a bed.

Two additional features that people will often inquire about with regards to gun safes are fire and water resistance. All gun safes will offer some protection against fire and water damage and the degree of protection that they offer will vary somewhat amongst different safes. The industry standards for fire and water resistance is established by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), an independent organization. The location that the safe will be situated will determine the level of water and fire resistance that one’s safe requires. If the safe will be situated in a basement that floods with any frequency then the safe should provide the requisite amount of water resistance.

One should certainly consider having their gun safes mounted securely to the floor. Doing this will prevent a thief from carrying off your entire safe. The majority of gun safes will come with pre-drilled holes and all of the necessary mounting pieces to secure the safe strongly in position.

1st Choice Locksmith has an extensive inventory of gun safes from the biggest names in the industry. Contact 1st Choice Locksmith and one of our customer support representatives will consult with you as to what your options are with respect to your needs. They will then dispatch one of our certified technicians that will deliver and install your gun safe at your convenience.

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