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The Latest Trends in the Lock Industry

high-tech-locksThe lock industry follows the new technology with rather fast steps. Over the years, we have tried all sorts of mechanical locks, installed electric high security locks, ditched the keys and grabbed the smartphone. In some posh neighborhoods and business communities, biometrics have their fair share of usage too. Locks have come a long way and keep going. The lock market keeps growing since the security needs multiply. So, when we are talking about the latest trends in the lock business is hard to focus.

•   Access control systems range from electric strikes to high tech phone intercoms

•   There are  high tech security systems for connected cars

•   There are residential and commercial electric keypad locks

•   You can find all sorts of commercial and residential digital touchscreen locks

•   Even padlocks are smart and digital today

•   Master key lock systems are found in all sorts of variations

What we are trying to say is that not all locks are equal but neither are doors, facilities, residences nor needs. So even if we have come to the point of talking about the Internet of Things and cloud services, you might be fine with a mechanical deadlock installation.

All the same, taken informed decisions is always the safest option. So here are the latest news of the lock market.

Bluetooth-enabled door locks

The smart lock market grows quickly and it’s been a while since it became nearly the norm. High-Tech Door LocksWith technology developing even faster, Bluetooth-enabled locks are not exactly the new kid in town but still dominant in the market. These locks are handled with your smartphone. They work with apps, which will allow you to tap to lock or unlock. You can add temp and permanent users for all times or specific hours and dates. But in order to activate your lock, you need to be within a certain range unless we are talking about a wifi connection that will allow you to control your door locks from anywhere.

There is no doubt that the Wi-Fi locks (always connected to your router) are best since they offer you the ability to lock the doors remotely. Smart lock features would include voice activation, alert notifications for forced entries, logging to check the history of locking and unlocking, and auto lock systems.

Connected homes, connected locks

Bluetooth locksThe old idea of connected homes is real now. There are all sorts of systems, which will connect lights, appliances, and other electronics in your home. Connected locks will go along. With such systems, your doors will be unlocked if there is smoke in the house and the lights will turn on when you unlock the door.

There is no doubt that we will soon have access solutions through the cloud while most people still use ordinary locks with ordinary keys. The truth is that smart locks start gaining some popularity while locksmiths are trying to keep up with the newest trends. So there is a high supply and moderate demand.

But what do we care about when it comes to door locks?

At the end of the day, what we all want is door locks that will provide security. In other words, locks that will lock the burglar out even if you end up with a damaged lock. So locks, which have been tested against prying, picking, drilling and hammering, and scored well are the locks for you. Who would mind a broken lock if it has denied access to the intruder? It’s always preferable to call a locksmith for lock replacement than find a burglar going through your things and emptying your house. Will it make a difference if this is a digital or mechanical lock? Well, the truth is the electric locks are often better than the mechanical ones. But don’t forget. Although we can’t avoid the future, what we can do is adapt the new trends to our own needs.

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