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The Importance Of The Deadbolt Lock For Securing Your Property

Put quite simply; home security begins with the deadbolt lock. Most standard doorknob locks are of very poor quality and; unfortunately, are installed in the majority of front doors throughout the country.

If you find yourself in the majority then it is time that you begin shopping around for a deadbolt lock to improve your home’s security.

There are countless brands and models of deadbolt locks from which to choose on the market and it is important that you find a deadbolt lock that both suits your needs and your budget. Deadbolt locks can be categorized into three different groups; single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts and keyless entry deadbolts.

deadbolt lockThe single cylinder deadbolt locks come with a key cylinder on one side of the lock with a doorknob being on the other side. The advantage to installing a single cylinder deadbolt lock is that they can be open from the interior without the use of a key. The only significant disadvantage to a single cylinder deadbolt lock would be if there is some sort of window or decorative pane within reach of the lock which would allow a burglar to break the glass and reach in and open the door.

The double cylinder deadbolt locks come with key cylinders on both sides of the lock and do not have a doorknob. Regardless of whether you are wish to open the door from the inside or the outside, a key is required. The fact that a key is required to open the door from both the inside and the outside makes double cylinder deadbolt locks more secure than single cylinder deadbolt locks. One advantage to the double cylinder deadbolt lock is that it will prevent wandering toddlers from opening the front door and going on an “adventure.” The obvious downside to this type of deadbolt is that if one does not have the key in the event of an emergency, they will not be able to exit from the door.

There are a variety of different types of keyless entry deadbolts available these days. There are keyless entry deadbolt locks that are operated via keypad, remote control and fingerprint reader. The security offered by keyless entry deadbolts are top-notch. The only drawback as seen by many consumers is that these types of locks tend to be quite expensive.

The inventory at FC  Locksmith is fully stocked with all of the most respected brands and models of deadbolt locks. If your exterior doors are without a deadbolt lock then contact our call center. Our call center is maintained 24/7 by our experienced and courteous customer support personnel. Our customer support personnel are fully prepared to answer any questions that you might have and will be able to recommend the ideal deadbolt lock solution to satisfy your needs. They will dispatch one of our fully certified and highly trained technician to your location at your convenience to install your new deadbolt locks.

Give FC Locksmith a call, our client’s security is our priority.

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