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The Importance of Master Key System

The amazing thing today is that we can install the most appropriate security door locks in each entrance and manufacturers have come up with clever ideas of how to secure large buildings without suffocating tenants with the invention of the master key system.

Of course, lock systems are not a new discovery; on the contrary, they have been protecting people for centuries. The only difference is that they get evolved rather fast due to the increased need for much higher security.

These days, the size of corporations and office buildings has grown enormously while many people live in large tower blocks. Master key systems are practically the perfect solution for these places, especially if they are run by janitors. The whole concept of a master key system is based on the use of a master key, which can open several locks while each lock would also open by its own unique key, which is called the change key.

Some systems have cylinders and some pin tumbler locks. The pins of the lock are usually separated by a third one called the master wafer. The change key would push the pins in a way that the shear line would be above the master wafer and the master key would push them so that the shear line would be at the bottom of the master wafer. Basically, the gap left in between allows the keys to turn properly.

Why master key systems are important for security

People, who would want higher security, would prefer a master key system with a cylinder system and, in this case, there would be need of two cylinders. In any case, this is a system that enables people to come and go at their homes or offices using their own change key but the building superintendent would also have his own master key for maintenance work. This method is very useful in businesses, where the manager of the building would need a master key in order to open all locks of any entrance, office or supply room but the employees would only have the keys of their own door locks.

The greatest thing about master key systems is that they can be variations in terms of the number of keys opening a specific door. Hence, a couple of employees, who must have access to three more offices than only theirs, they can have a key, which would open these three extra doors. FC Locksmith has the capacity to make several combinations and, in each case, you can be sure of your security. The best part of this system is that the master lock system can be rekeyed in times the janitor is replaced or an employee has retired and this would contribute to absolute safety.

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