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The Importance of Door Hardware to Security

Door Hardware to SecurityWhen we think about security, the first thing that comes to mind is door locks. When our attention is drawn to door hardware, our minds go to hinges, knobs, chains, or perhaps closers. In spite of the fact that both hardware and high-security locks are installed on the door, it’s interesting to consider to what extent they complement each other. While the main question is whether or not door hardware increases security, it’s important to take into account that technology has advanced in this domain too.

Before we dig deeper into the door hardware world and examine how much they contribute to the security improvement of a property – if at all, let’s make one thing clear. Not all properties are the same. They all demand different methods of securing the premises and at various levels. A family home will most likely need to reinforce the front and back door and windows but a big office building will need to safeguard the perimeter, each department, every office, all file cabinets etc. And so, although there are several door hardware options today, not all doors need the same hardware. All the same, the hardware must remain in mint condition for the property to be secure. Let’s see the options.

The most popular door hardware choices

Door hinges

The height, weight and thickness of the door define the size of the hinges. These are the little components which keep the door in place and allow you to open and close it smoothly. An improper installation or a problem with the hinges will lead to troubles. First of all, the door might not close with ease or at all. If the hinges are not aligned, the bolt might not lock. If the hinges are damaged, a potential thief might break them and thus gain entry even if you have a good lock.

Door guards and chain locks

They are the traditional methods of reinforcing the door’s resistance. Today,Door guards and chain locks it’s hard to believe that a small chain can keep a burglar out if the door is already open. Still, it gives a sense of safety when you open the door to get your mail or talk to a stranger. Since they are affordable products, it won’t hurt to have them installed. Among chains and door reinforcers or door bolts, prefer the two latter ones.

Door closers

Door closers mostly enhance convenience than security. Still, they allow the door to close smoothly yet quickly and this could prevent an unauthorized entry. This hardware is mostly used in commercial facilities and offices and so is not something to worry about if you care about increasing home security.


A single-cylinder deadbolt installation is top priority if we are talking about security. We left this option for last since it’s the ultimate solution to security concerns. You can install the best brackets, hinges, and guards but without a proper locking system, the property will be vulnerable. Deadbolt lock installation is always the first step to a more secure home.

Focus on door hardware that can increase security

There is no doubt that the range of door hardware is rather wide. It might include anything from knobs and handles to brackets to lock springs. But it’s always best to focus first on hardware that will make a difference to the level of your security. When it comes to handles, for example, it’s mostly about finding a product that will provide easy access to all family members. But a knob that can be easily turned and unlock the door from inside can become a threat if the door is close to a large opening, like a window. So take such things into consideration too and always pay attention to the condition of the existing door hardware to take no risks. At the end of the day, what makes a home secure is a combination of components. So start with the installation of a deadbolt, focus on the condition of the hinges, and don’t forget that the door must be durable (and not hollow) too.

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