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The Best Security Tips

best security tipsThere are records for reported home invasions every single minute. Remote industrial facilities are also burgled and car theft is the number one problem in most places today. What is going on? Don’t the new systems work or are we doing something totally wrong ourselves? Since there are usually two sides in every problem, our locksmith Toronto specialists can assure you that people do make mistakes.

They will either underestimate the importance of investing in good security locks and systems or they will disregard the obvious. After all, the point is not only to install good dead bolts and alarm systems but also to use them wisely and stop hiding the key under the mat.

9 ways to ensure security

• Lock! There isn’t more obvious method than that! Still some people would leave the home door locks unlocked or their car unlocked just to get the paper or buy a candy-bar.
• Do invest in deadbolt installation, motion and light detectors, and other security devices. They won’t only secure and lit every corner of the perimeter of the house but they will also drive intruders away.
• Look at the obvious. A tall tree with nice long branches close to your home windows will be convenient for burglars. Trim it! Don’t keep the windows open. If you are hot in the summer, get an air-conditioner.
• Don’t forget that most intrusions take place during the day. So, don’t leave all windows open just because you are in the house or you’ll come face to face with an intruder.
• With all the people being alarmed about home invasions, some intruders have changed their style. They might not climb from the window but knock on your door pretending to be your friendly fireman from the community to check wires and facilities. Don’t let them in! And do not open the door!
• Avoid putting your full name in the mailbox and make sure it’s locked or you might receive a call for a so-called emergency that would require you to exit your house. These are usual tricks!
• Don’t give the keys of your office, house or car so easily to anyone. It’s best to trust no one.
• Don’t do the obvious! Seriously now, who doesn’t know that people hide keys under mats or in the yard? We’ve been doing it since the dark ages. Time to change your motto.
• Keep our 24 hour locksmith number handy. It’s smart knowing who to call in case of emergencies.


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