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The Benefits of Getting Buzzer Systems for Your Property

buzzer systemWhat buzzer systems do is provide convenience, increase security, and save you money. Buzz-in systems are kind of remote door release high security locks. They can be combined with other intercoms or not. They make this buzzing sound to notify your visitor that the door is opening.



Why install a buzzer system?

  • One of the reasons why electronic buzzer entry systems have become very popular among businesses – from hospitals and clinics to offices, is their convenience. Their main purpose is to enable you to press a button – hidden or not – to open the door. Think of the number of times a secretary or another employer has to get up to open the door. Now multiple that with the time lost. Each time an employee gets up to answer the door, time that should be used productively is wasted. And this translates in money loss – in the long run.
  • Security purposes are also a main concern. More often than not, electronic buzzer entry systems are installed together with CCTV systems. This is very important, especially when the reception has no view of who is standing outside the door. With so many armed robberies, one cannot be too careful.

Buzzer entry systems and electric strikes

Buzzers are actually intercom access systems. In most cases, they are installed with electric strikes. This is a device that replaces the traditional strike plate. Just like the traditional one, the electric strike would allow the bolt or latch to lock the door. But it won’t necessarily need a key to open. There are two main types:

fail safe

  1. The fail secure electric strike would unlock the door as soon as electric current is applied. And it would remain locked in the event of a power failure. But you can still open from inside. If you want an electric strike to work with the buzzer system, you should choose AC power. Fail secure electric strikes also work with DC power. But the buzzer will only make a clicking sound. You can still add a buzzing sound.
  2. Another choice is the fail-safe electric strike. This type only operates with DC power. So you will need to add a buzzing sound. Once power is applied on them, they lock the door. During a power failure, the door must be pulled or pushed to open.

The combination of electric strikes and electric buzzer installation enables you to open the door remotely. And it allows your visitor to hear the buzz-in sound to push or pull the door. Since you open the door without knowing if this is your next appointment or someone else with no such good intentions, it is always recommended to install security cameras along with buzzers.

Combine buzzer systems and intercom installation

You can also install buzzers along with telephone entry systems for dual communication before buzzing the door open. These are all high security measures, which also offer convenience especially to busy business environments, where being cautious is a must. Don’t forget that you might buzz the door open two rooms down the row or might need to protect an area from getting contaminated. Buzzer systems offer great convenience and will increase security when combined with intercom systems installation.

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