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The Advantages of Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry SystemsTelephone entry systems can be installed at commercial properties, gated communities, large apartment buildings, offices, family homes, or condominium complexes. There is no limit. And that’s actually one of their greatest benefits. Each and every property can benefit from such systems.

Traditionally, such intercom systems served as the means to communicate with visitors. Although they still serve this same purpose, they are updated to meet the requirements of everyone. And so you can find them in a range of options depending on the building’s requirements and personal needs.

How telephone entry systems work

As their name implies, phone entry systems use a phone line to enable communication between property owners and visitors. In most cases, they use the existing phone line. When a visitor presses the doorbell or button at the driveway gate, the phone rings inside the property. The newest systems often operate without a phone line and can allow you to talk to your visitor remotely too.

A simple telephone entry intercom might not provide a two-way communication. But most new systems do. They allow property owners to speak with visitors and also see them via security cameras before they decide to let them in or not.

The benefits of phone enter systems

Since there are some differences among such access control systems, their benefits differintercom button too. As expected, the most advanced models come with more advantages. But then it depends on the needs of each property. As an overall, their benefits can be summed up as following:

High security

The ability to restrict control to unauthorized people and deny access to strangers increases security. A telephone entry system with a camera, buzzer, or other access control equipment will provide you with the peace of mind that your visitors are screened and no unwanted person comes in without your permission.

Increased convenience

Increased convenienceTelephone entry systems make residential and working environments much safer. They save time since nobody has to get up and check who is behind the door or gate. And since the modern versions can be remotely controlled, you don’t even have to be in the property in order to deny or grant access.

During telephone entry systems installation, you program a number of phone numbers. When visitors try to get access, the system tries to get hold of you by dialing one number at a time. So, your visitors will always find you. And you won’t miss a client or friend.

Flexible to meet the needs of all properties

Such phone entry intercoms might be simple for single home family units. But there are actually many solutions for large buildings. After all, such systems are designed to serve big buildings. They are designed to serve buildings with thousands of offices or apartments. They are still simple to use even by visitors with no knowledge of such systems.

Needless to say that these systems are durable, water proof, and usually have a backlit keypad for greater convenience. It’s also vital to point out that owners use their own code to enter their property and so personal protection is ensured too.

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