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Take An Inventory Of Your Belongings

Take An Inventory Of Your Belongings And Save Yourself Trouble Down The Road It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to take an inventory of all of the belongings in your home.

It doesn’t require a great deal of effort and it will save time money and trouble in case you become the unfortunate victim of burglary, fire, flood or some other form of similarly tragic event.

4-businessmenIf you think back to when you sat with your insurance provider regarding homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for your home then you will remember that they mentioned that you should put together an inventory of the items that you have in your home. Unfortunately, many people put this at the bottom of their “to do” list and fail to understand the true importance of having and maintaining an accurate inventory of the items in their home.

Just think about it for a second. You arrive home to find that your home has been burglarized and wrecked. You’re beside yourself with anxiety. There are police all over the place, you called a professional locksmith to secure your home and now it’s time to contact your insurance company. There are a million things running through your mind, your stress levels are through the roof and now you are expected to provide the insurance company with an inventory of your home. In such a state, you are likely to forget items which will lead to a reduced settlement.

These days, you would be hard-pressed to find someone without a camera or video feature on their cell phones. There is really no excuse not to take the time to inventory your home. Simply spend a few minutes roaming around your home taking pics or video. Make sure that you include descriptions of the items and just email it all to yourself for safe keeping. That’s it; no fuss, no muss.

If it has been a while since you first opened the policy with your insurance company, you will undoubtedly notice after having taken inventory that you have managed to acquire a large amount of stuff. Make sure to contact your insurance agent after having taken your inventory in order to verify that the coverage that you are currently receiving is adequate to cover everything in your inventory.

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