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Suggestions for Securing An Unoccupied Property

Just because a home is unoccupied and empty doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to tickle the taste buds of a burglar.

old houseFor the honest layman, a vacant house is nothing more than an empty house. A burglar, on the other hand, will see plenty of meat to be picked off the bones, much like a vulture. Fixtures, doors, windows, wood floors, tiling, pipes and copper wires are just a little sampling of what burglars can salvage from an unoccupied premises.

Given the option of quietly burglarizing a home filled with electronic equipment, jewelry, antiques, art and cash or an empty home that requires sledge hammers and saws to get to the good stuff; a burglar would undoubtedly select the former so there is no reason to blow things completely out of proportion. However, it is certainly best to take some simple steps to help keep the vacant space more.

The following are some simple suggestions for helping to secure an unoccupied residence:

  1. Keep Home Security System Running
    If the property is a house, especially an upscale house, it is recommended that you keep the home security system in the home up and running.
  2. Secure Pet Doors And Crawl Spaces
    If the home has pet doors then be sure to board them up and secure them. The same goes for any crawl spaces leading into the basement or elsewhere. There is no reason to make it too easy for burglars to enter.
  3. Contact The Local Police Department
    Stop in at the local police department and tell them that you have a recently vacated property in their area. They will most likely be more than happy to swing by on occasion to make sure everything is all right. They might even know of someone looking to rent.
  4. Stop In And Talk To Neighbors
    Introduce yourself to some of the neighbors and tell them that the property is vacant and if they see anyone lingering about to give the police a call.
  5. Contact The Local Neighborhood Watch Program
    It’s good to contact the local neighborhood watch program and tell them about the property. They do regular foot patrols and will be more than happy to report any suspicious activity to the police.
  6. Call A Professional Locksmith
    Have a locksmith come and make sure that all of the locks in the house are functioning properly. They can make any repairs and upgrades to locks as deemed necessary.

If you are the owner of an unoccupied property in or around Toronto then give us a call. We’ll dispatch one of our professional locksmiths to your property to make any necessary repairs and evaluate the level of security of the property.


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