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Suggestions For Avoiding False Alarms

There are few things more irritating in life than accidentally triggering your home security or fire alarm.

kpdNot only will the security company call but often the police will end up having to send a car; never mention the cacophonous onslaught on the ears. While accidents will always happen, there are a number of steps that you can take to avoid the embarrassment and annoyance that false alarms cause.

The truth of the matter is that false alarms aren’t only a nuisance for home owners; they are a serious problem for the security system industry as a whole. In addition, property owners that encounter frequent false alarms will often find themselves have to pay fairly significant municipal fines.

The best way to avoid false alarms in your home and business is to make sure that everyone in your home or business, as the case might be, is properly instructed on how to operate the fire and security systems. False alarms are most commonly triggered when one enters a building, forgetting that the security system is armed, and cannot remember the security code. It is important that all of the relevant people know the security code and know the phone number of the alarm company in the event that one of the systems suffers a malfunction.

Make sure that you test your fire and security alarm systems regularly. Check your fire alarm to make sure that the batteries are working and make sure that the alarm is tested in accordance with any necessary regulations. Contact your home security provider and have them perform timer testing in order to verify that your property is properly linked with their monitoring facility. Regular testing of alarm systems will.

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