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Smart Locks: Think before You Buy

smart locksThere’s a number of things to consider before buying smart locks. Don’t take this the wrong way. The advantages of smart door locks are plenty and actually, great. Who doesn’t like keyless access? Who doesn’t find using the smartphone to get in the house easy? And who would object to the idea of having a smart lock when there’s a large number of visitors coming and going – take for example, an Airbnb apartment. You can change the codes as many times as you want and still feel the protection these high security locks provide.

We know what you are thinking. If everything is so swell, why there are considerations one must take into account before buying smart locks?

To put it simply. Thinking before purchasing smart door locks doesn’t imply there’s something wrong with such products. But not everyone needs smart locks. And some may know nothing about smart locks. Since we are talking about locks – hence, the means for protection, it’s important that you think really hard before you take such decisions. And we are here to help you do just that. Ready? Ask yourself the following questions.

How much do you know about smart locks?

Did you just say, smart…what? If so and you have zero knowledge about smart locks, what they do, how they serve, what makes them special, think twice before you purchase them – at least for a high-risk entry point. Don’t gamble with your security. There’s a whole lot of choices on the market when it comes to high security door locks. Yes, getting smart locks is a good idea if you read about them and like what they do. But try them out internally first – to keep the children from getting into your home office, for instance – just until you get the hang of it. Then you get one for the front door.

Is your home smart already?

On the other hand, you may already be obsessed with home automated systems. And come to think about it, you haven’t invested in smart door locks just yet. In cases, you already have an automated home or at least, some smart appliances and gadgets, getting smart locks is the natural thing to do. The only thing to consider at this point is the lock you want to get, the connection you prefer.

Up until recently most smart locks used Bluetooth but the limited range made this connection inconvenient. Today, nearly all smart locks are WiFi enabled and that’s good unless you have a problem with the connection at home. In this case, it’s best to have the problem fixed first or invest in a lock that give you access in a physical way too, like getting a lock with a keypad or even better, a lock that works with a key as well.

So, one thing you must consider is possible failures. And for that, you may also ask your local locksmith. Or go ahead and get a combination lock that would work with a typical key as well – just in case.

Do you really need a smart door lock?

high security door locksYes, if you like gadgets, if you love smart things, you cannot even understand why you haven’t invested in smart door locks just yet. Other than that, you may want to get smart door locks so that you will control access in certain rooms in your home or office. You may have lots of guests coming or you may be traveling a lot – thus, you need to give service people access remotely.

Why is this a consideration? Because smart locks are excellent for convenience and offer security but no more security than an equivalent – in terms of ANSI grade, traditional deadbolt. To better explain this argument, we included the following question.

How much do you want to spend for a high-security lock?

Smart locks don’t come cheap. The price tag is pretty high, without considering the cost of the lock installation. Of course, there are variations – which you should also consider. For example, are you looking for a lock replacement? Is this going to be a new door & lock, and you have decided to go smart with the lock? Or you seek a smart solution for the existing deadbolt? Naturally, the most expensive option is getting a brand-new lock. By the way, this is the best solution too. And then, the price will depend on the brand and the lock. But even the cheap options are not cheap – hence, a point to consider.

Have you checked the door lately?

Locking and unlocking house doors become such a habit that we actually forget how we do it. For instance, do you push to close the door? Do you have to put some force to open the door? If there are such problems, you may want to consider fixing or replacing the door first. Don’t forget that some functions happen remotely. Will you be sure the door is locked?

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