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Small Problems that May Cause Big Home Security Headaches

open doorWe come and go, lock and unlock our doors, and only want one thing: no security problems. These are not limited to burglaries only. There’s no denying that everything we do and all decisions we take about our front door locks aim at making our home burglar-proof. But we often forget that no matter how resistant our high security door locks are, there are some additional factors that determine whether our goal of burglary proofing our home is achieved or not.

So, let’s take a look at some small problems that may cause big home security headaches and what we should do about them.

Deadbolt lock misalignment

If you have to struggle to lock the door, there’s a possibility that the deadbolt is not properly aligned. You see, the bolt of the lock must go straight into the little hole on the door frame. If it’s not, the screws of the strike on the door frame may be loose. Or the lock cylinder may be loose. You will need a locksmith to check the situation and fix the lock.

Bolt size considerations

The size of the bolt that enters the little hole on the strike should be long enough to keep the door resistant. Most door locks have small bolts. If you are planning a deadbolt installation, make sure your new lock has a long bolt. What’s more, make sure the strike is secured with long screws, too.

Doors and hinges

When we worry about our security, we hardly think of the door. Our mind goes straight to the high security lock. But if you cannot lock easily, hear a clicking sound when you lock, or have to put force to close the door, you need to check the door’s hinges too. On top of that, you need to consider the resistance of the door. What’s the point of investing in expensive locks when the door is hollow, cheap, or old?

Door lock choices

Choosing a lock for a door is not easy. Yet, it’s very important to get the right lock. This is the time you need to turn to a locksmith company you can trust for some advice. When it comes to internal doors or cabinet locks, there’s no security concerns and so you can select freely. But when it comes to main entry points, it’s vital to get locks tested and approved to be resistant against all means of force. And don’t forget that this is important for all main entries – the front door, the back door, the side door, the windows and the second story entrances. Last but not least, it’s vital that the lock installation is done accurately and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Double cylinder locks

While double cylinder locks are a norm in Europe, they are often not allowed on the other side of the ocean. Here, we mostly get single cylinder locks. The benefit of double cylinder locks is that a key is utilized to lock the door on both sides. The risk is that double cylinder door locks are not easy to unlock in the event of a fire or another emergency. The key may not be on the lock and even if it is, it takes a few seconds to turn the key and unlock the door – when time is a luxury when there’s an earthquake. On top of that, the key may get stuck due to the increased temps of a fire and thus, trap you inside. After all, you need to check with your local building codes to see if they are permitted or not.

Wrong lock service

LockinstallNothing is easy when it comes to locks and keys. Finding a local locksmith to fix a problem is only half the story. Getting the right solution to the problem is also important. A common mistake? Settling for a key replacement when the original key is stolen or lost. In such cases, don’t try to save money or settle for poor quality services. When the key is lost, it’s important to rekey locks and get a new key. Whoever has your key won’t have access. So, think of these small things. That’s often all it takes to have no security concerns.

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