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Should You Choose Locks with Door Knobs or Not?

doorknobA typical lockset consists of a knob and a lock. A door might be equipped with a deadbolt with no knob or it might incorporate a lever. It’s open to debate whether knob-less door locks are better than doorknob locks. And whether or not it’s best to install a knob or lever. It also has to do with whether this is an exterior or interior door.

 Privacy locks

Most interior door locks incorporate a knob. Bedroom and bathroom door locks are often called privacy locks. Since they are for indoor use, they incorporate a button to lock the door only from one side while there is a tine hole on the outside to unlock the lock in case of an emergency.

Other interior doorknob choices include hall and closet products that serve when non-locking hardware is needed and non-turning knobs which mainly serve as decorative elements or only to pull & push. So far, knobs serve just fine.

Entry locksets

Simple knob locks offer average security. They usually incorporate a turning element on the internal component which makes locking and unlocking the door easy while the door locks and unlocks from outside with a key. Investing in a deadbolt installation is always the best security solution when it comes to main entrances. Whether or not you will have a knob, it’s your choice. Knobs, which allow to easily unlock from inside, become a concern when the main door is close to a window.

Electronic door locks with knobs

Today, there are electronic high security locks that incorporate a knob orKeyless Locks lever and this makes opening the door much easier. Here the main function is through the keypad or touchscreen and so the knob serves mainly as the handle. Some products offer the possibility of using a key in case something goes wrong with the electric locking mechanism while others only include the knob as an additional decorative element and for the convenience of gripping.

There is no doubt that in such cases a knob comes handy. Smart high security door locks that combine the intelligence of new technology with the backup of the traditional key are good choices. When it comes to securing main entry points, attention must be paid to the resistance of the deadbolt while the knob must serve mainly as a means to close and open the door (and not lock it).

Knobs vs levers

Then, it’s the question of whether to buy a knob or lever. Well, they both have their pros and cons. And it doesn’t really matter when it comes to exterior doors equipped with deadbolts and utilizing the knob or lever mainly as a handle. It makes more sense to consider the advantages and disadvantages between levers and knobs when it comes to interior doors.

Since the handle is used more often and by all family members, it must have a good grip by everybody. This is the drawback of knobs. They are often not easy to turn or be used by small people, old people, or people with disabilities. Levers are more convenient since they can be handled even with the elbow. The shortcoming of levers is that they work with springs in order to remain and return to their initial position once pushed down. But then again getting a lock repair is as simple as making a call to your local locksmith.

When it comes to such interior doorknob or lever choices, the good news is that there are many colors and styles to choose from and thus compliment your home design. The same is true for exterior door locks. But in this case, you should stick with locking systems that do secure first and knobs that don’t compromise the security the lock provides.

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