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Safe Installation – The Best Way to Keep Valuables Safe

Safe Installation Safes are designed for one reason only. To keep valuables safe. Okay, we all know that. And the truth is that they have come a long way since the first wooden chests, which played the role of safes back in the 18th century. Today, there are many types and sizes of safes made even to withstand low temperatures or fires. Is the great development of safes indicative of our wealth? Well, some people are rich and some people are not but we all have some valuables at home that we like to hide. And that’s rather evidence of our security concerns. So let us dive in our topic.

Do you need to install a safe at home?

It’s important to understand that the cost of safes is considerable enough before the safe installation. And so you need to first estimate the ratio of the price you will pay for the safe & its fitting with the value of items you want to secure. For example, if you need to secure $1,000 worth of jewelry but the safe costs 4K, it’s not a smart investment.

Then again, where will you hide your valuables? Let’s make a short break here. There areSafe valuables and there are valuables. For instance, your home might be full of expensive things, ranging from smart phones and PCs to rugs and artwork. But wait a minute. These are not items you lock in safes. So, you need to make a list of all the small things which are worth something to you either in money or sentiment and do the calculations.

The bad news is that if you abandon the idea of installing a safe, where will you hide your valuables? In the sock drawer? In the kitchen cabinet? Under the bed? There is a list of common hiding places and there are so common that the thieves know them too.

Okay, your mission can start with deadbolt installation at the front and back door. But then what? What if the thief manages to get in somehow! Wouldn’t it be better if your valuables were locked in the safe? Although thieves might steal plasma TVs and laptops, they are usually after your money and small valuables so that they won’t be noticed. But here comes the problem of choosing the right safe.

How to choose a safe for you?

Safe-InstallationSafes come out in different sizes and styles but they are all very heavy. Let’s pinpoint a fact: safes are thief deterrents. But will the thieves leave safes behind them? It happens, especially if the thief acts alone and weighs 120 pounds whereas your safe weighs 1000 pounds. But wait a minute. Some thieves come equipped. And so there is a possibility of them lifting your heavy safe and carrying it to their truck. Seriously now, the heavier the safe the better since most burglars are opportunists and want to fly under the neighbor’s radar.

So, what’s the next solution? Well, there are different kinds of safes and the safest of safes are those who are fitted under the floor. If you have a concrete floor, even better. The pro will create a hole to put the safe in. This can be a bit messy but it’s worth the while if you have many valuables. If you have a wood floor or carpeting, the safe is put under the joists. Another good alternative is to install wall safes. And if you cannot afford a safe, use a container to deceive the thief. But if you choose to install a safe, make sure the product you select is ideal for the temperatures of the place you are planning to put it or can withstand fire. And before you do anything else, you have to make two phone calls. One to your local locksmith to get quotes and one to your insurance company to see if you will get discounts.

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