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Protecting Your Property from Burglary

As you know, FC Locksmith is always there to help you in an emergency situation – we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are just a phone call away from racing to your assistance in the event of a break-in or burglary.

We can then speedily repair or replace your locks and re-secure your property.
However, FC Locksmith also provides a number of locksmith and other security services which will help prevent you become the victim of this type of crime. In order to reduce the risk of being broken into there are, luckily, many quick and cost-effective security measures which can be taken, which will reduce the risk a burglary happening to you.

To improve the safety of your home FC Locksmith recommends

Having your locks re-keyed: This service is particularly suitable if you have just moved, since it’s impossible to know whether you have all the keys to your new home in your possession. Keys may have been given to neighbors or contractors in the past – and they could have fallen into the wrong hands. Re-keying is an easy and fast procedure which FC Locksmith can provide, which will instantly improve the security of your home – and re-keying is a far less costly procedure than replacing all the locks.

A thorough appraisal by FC Locksmith of your current level of home security – with recommendations as to how to upgrade or fix any problem areas or weak points. Our highly trained technicians are skilled in spotting any potential security risks to do with doors and windows, and will check whether you have adequate security in terms of lighting and fencing. Unfortunately, we at FC Locksmith nowadays frequently encounter home owners who have been the victim of a break-in due to the use of ‘bump’ keys. If this is a particular worry for you then we can discuss replacing your locks with others which are impervious to these kinds of threats – plus – of course, we can supply and install them for you.

Considering CCTV –we at FC Locksmith are also experts in this field and we can help you choose and install the right systems for you, plus advise you how to use and maintain them.

A security measure you may not have previously considered which is having a safe installed – we at FC Locksmith believe this has real security benefits for home-owners, just as much as business owners, and can be a really effective way of protecting valuables and documents in the unfortunate event of a break in.

FC Locksmith are always on hand to offer advice and offer obligation free quotes for all your security needs – we are here to help you feel safe and secure in your own property.

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