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Mechanical Locks vs Electronic Locks: How to Choose Yours

Mechanical vs ElectronicNaturally, with lock installation, we mean to secure our properties. Deadbolts are designed to keep people either in or out – depending on the angle you view it. Now when it comes to mechanical locks vs. electronic locks, there is a controversy. Which ones are the best? Is one better than the other? There are definitely those too timid to try out new technologies. On the other hand, there are those who can’t wait to adopt them. In either case, there are advantages and disadvantages. And don’t forget that’s not just one electronic and one mechanical lock. There are different types and brands. And then each lock is ranked as a first or second grade lock. So there is a lot to consider before you buy new locks.

Mechanical locks: their pros and cons

Mechanical locks work with a key. They are cheaper than their electronic counterparts andMechanical Locks can be found in a plethora of styles. Mechanical deadbolt installation is rather easy if you have some expertise and the proper tools.

If you choose first grade, high security locks, they will provide resistance since they are very durable. But they also come with disadvantages.

  • The basic problem with mechanical locks is the key. This is the means to grant you access. But if it’s broken or damaged, it will also deny you access. Keys get stolen and lost. Keys can lock you out or become a burden when you go out for jogging or come back with your hands full of grocery bags.
  • With traditional locks, there is no access control. That might not be very important to homes but it’s a major concern in businesses and commercial properties, where key management and access control both matter. The good news is that master key lock systems can make a difference. But not when you want to control access. Keys can be copied. And you can’t give a spare key to the cleaning lady.

Electronic locks: their pros and cons

Electronic LocksMany electronic locks still have a mechanical interface. And that’s a good thing for those who can forget their pin or when there is a power failure or other unforeseen problems. But that benefit will also come with the deficiencies of mechanical locks. Don’t forget that lock picking is mastered by professional intruders. On the other hand, you can choose electronic locks without a mechanical interface. You simply save the pins you want and enter yours to gain access.

  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of electronic locks is the convenience of entering a pin in order to unlock the door. And there are variations between such locks. On top of that, you can store temporary pins for housekeepers, employees, gardeners, etc. and erase them when you want.

The great thing with electronic locks is that they are harder to defeat. Since they are sophisticated, they require high tech knowledge. They are easy to use and even easier to change pins.

And you don’t need keys. So office and house lockouts are out of the picture. Additionally, electronic locks offer easy auditing, monitoring, automatic locking and unlocking, and intrusion detection.

The verdict?

It depends if you are key-friendly or new technology friendly. As an overall, the benefits of electronic locks outnumber the pros of mechanical ones. And don’t forget that the future is more promising when it comes to electronic locks. But till we get there, you might want to consider the dual interface locks. After all, intruders will have two barriers to break before they come in. And locks are all about preventing intrusions.

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