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Make Your New Home Yours with Lock Change

Did you get the keys of your new house? Good, now change them! Lock replacement should in fact take place before you move in.

Day one at your new home should be all about arranging furniture and opening champagne and not worrying about security issues. Don’t listen to anyone trying to convince you otherwise because if you are not feeling safe with good security door locks and shielded windows, you won’t enjoy the merits of the new house.

Have the locks replaced

Lock change is important even if the house is brand new and you are the first to ever move in. Don’t forget that the house keys have passed through many hands of numerous real estate agents or previous owners and tenants, if the development is not new. You wouldn’t want anyone with peculiar intentions walking into your own living room regardless of what people may say. At older ages, people wouldn’t think of security matters as much and lock replacement was not important unless there were serious damages.

These days, crime travels fast and has high tech equipment to break into unprotected homes. So, it’s not all about having the windows and door locks replaced to avoid coming face to face with previous landlords but also a matter of home security according to FC Locksmith. If this is a single family house with a yard, garage door and a gate, you should change all the locks to provide extra security for your beloved family.

Change the cabinets locks

Families with small children should also change the locks inside the house. You must decide whether to leave the keys on the room door locks or remove them for the higher safety of your young ones. Small children need some time to adjust to the new house and may try different things, among which is locking themselves in the bathroom. You wouldn’t want dealing with such problems and it would be prudent to live without internal keys for a while.

A new home means new arrangements. Different storage rooms, different cabinets and different ways of organizing your personal things. Make sure you protect your children by keeping hazardous substances or even medicine in cabinets. If the cabinets or drawers do not have locks, you should install them and if they are old, you should definitely change the cabinets locks and make sure the key is kept away from their hands.

When you have full control over the security of your house, you can sit back and enjoy your new home. Now will be the time for champagne!
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