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Main Considerations before Choosing Commercial Door Locks

commercial_locksmithChoosing the right door locks for an office, commercial properties, a school, an institution and any kind of business requires good research. It’s not all about looking at price tags and deciding whether you want conventional or electronic locks. You need to dig deeper and consider all these factors, which make your business unique in order to secure all areas properly.

The size of the company, the number of employees but also the number of visitors are all main considerations before you buy new locks. Not all needs or doors for that matter are the same. So, ask yourself:

Are you concerned about the main entry points?

Most businesses go for deadbolt installation these days. But still there is not one deadbolt meeting all needs. What you want to look for is locks designed for commercial applications. That means they will meet the ANSI grade one standards and so will be highly resistant and durable. The question you need to answer first is whether you want electronic or regular deadbolts.

Are you a large company? Go keyless

Regular door locks work with keys. And that’s not so bad if you own a private retail store. card readerBut how about when there are plenty of people, who need to have access to the property? Keyless systems are helpful because they give a sense of freedom and easy access to all authorized employees. They simply enter a code, which by the way can be changed easily, to get in. Card readers are also used but they are not as convenient as simply entering a code.

Got emergency exits? Lots of workers? Get panic bars

Another major consideration is evacuation points or else emergency exits. What you need for such doors are panic bars, which are also known as crash bars. In the event of an emergency (fire, earthquake etc.), people just push and exit and so tragedies are avoided.

Would you like to increase internal security?

CCTV_installThat’s even a bigger concern. When it comes to lock installation, we all think of main entrances. But large companies or office buildings have many areas, which need to keep secure and only authorized people should have access. So CCTV systems are not only needed at the main entry points but also in some corridors or rooms where you keep valuables, high-risk products etc. Such areas are better safeguarded with electronic locks. In these cases, biometrics will also work well.

Do you prefer mechanical locks and still want high security?

Big office or commercial buildings might also find solutions with a tailored master key lock system. Such systems are great if you don’t want to ditch the keys just yet but don’t want to carry a bunch of them to open doors in your company either. The benefit is that you can design the system you want and thus get a master key for you but secondary ones for executives, cleaning crews etc.

Do you need the help of a local locksmith?

The good news is that there are all sorts of solutions. The difficult part is deciding exactly what you want and often the assistance of a specialized commercial locksmith will come handy. For example, you will need to find locks suitable for your metal or glass door. The main entrance might utilize rotating glass doors. You might decide to replace locks and get electric strike ones. But will you go for a fail-safe or fail-secure system? And will you need a buzzer or not? Always consider the smallest detail related to your everyday habits, security needs, company space, and number of employees to get the best commercial locks possible.

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