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Lock Change Services

  • Change/replace broken or old locks
  • Re key all lock types
  • Master system re keys
  • 24/7 Mobile services
  • New installations of new locks from all brands and security levels

In changing a lock, the door can incur a certain amount of damage. Having a professional come to your home and change the locks will reduce the possibility of any catastrophic damage being done to the door which would make it necessarily to replace not just the lock but the entire door.

When considering that your locks are your first defense against unauthorized entry, it is important that all locks are correctly installed. It is also important that all of the hardware be in the proper condition. When performing a lock installation, it is very easy to cause damage to the door.

The mishandling of a tool may mean that your door will require a new coat of paint or even a new pane of glass. A lack of knowledge as to how locks are constructed can lead one to damage the door while changing the lock. A simple example as to how one may cause damage to the door is in the case that the old lock has no visible external screws. Prying on these locks can cause damage to the door face which can mean costly repairs.

If you require a lock change in Toronto or the greater Toronto area then you need look no further than FC Locksmith.

Our call center is available 24/7 and our knowledgeable and courteous staff of customer support representatives will field your call, answer any inquiries and dispatch one of our highly trained and fully certified technicians to your location without delay. Our technician will arrive in a fully stocked truck and perform any consultations, installations or repairs that the situation requires.

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