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Locksmith Eviction Services

FC Locksmith is the premier provider of eviction services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We have worked hard to develop our reputation and are constantly striving to be the first choice in eviction services for banks, asset companies, property owners and realtors facing the uncomfortable process of returning access and use of a property its proper and legal owner.

When a tenant signs a lease or property agreement, they are making a commitment to provide payment for rent and maintain the property and any contents left therein by the landlord for the tenant’s use to the best of their ability. Of course, people are people and many times tenants and property owners will have their disagreements. For the most part, disagreements can be worked out in a civil and agreeable manner. There are those occasions; however, where disagreements are in fact irreconcilable. When a tenant is not fulfilling their financial obligations or being destructive to the property and the property owner has no recourse but to begin the eviction process so as to protect their property and assets.

Generally, the root cause of a tenants eviction is due to the most dire of personal or financial reasons of the tenant. Whatever the reason may be, the vast majority of tenants that are evicted are all but civil. It is for this reason that the property owner should contact an experienced and trusted eviction locksmith service provider to enter the property and change all of the locks so as to prevent the evicted tenants from gaining further entry into the property and causing any type of damage or perpetrating any theft. In addition, changing the locks will prevent the property’s new tenants from falling victim to any of the previous tenant’s misplaced anger.

FC Locksmith is fully aware of the stress that the eviction process can cause on an undeserving property owner. Our call centre stands at the ready 24/7 to handle any calls and our knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives will dispatch one of our fully certified technicians to your property whenever required. Our client’s security and peace of mind are our main priority at FC Locksmith.

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