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Lock Codes Are Not Flyers

The 21st century will pass in history as the time of high technology. The world is changing literally under our noses and we are given the chance to use innovations and technologies to our advantage and benefit.

This will be the century that we’ll fight crime with dynamic means since the locksmith industry is developing with great steps and we only need to remain faithful to our goals and avoid common mistakes.

The most extraordinary thing about current locksmith products is that there is abundance in door locks and lock systems. Smart homes, which used to be the dreams of tomorrow a few decades back, are real and the electronic security door locks the manifestation of their presence. The greatest thing about state of the art lock systems is that they lock and unlock our doors with the use of personal codes. No more lockouts, no more lost and broken keys and ensured safety. There is only one catch: lock codes are personal like our bank accounts and it is important to keep them secret. We have the tendency of sharing private information with colleagues or even strangers in the bus, but this is not only wrong; it is dangerous. New electronic lock codes will keep you safe, if you would only let them.

Stop sharing information about your lock system

Do you remember what was the first thing your bank told you when you got your first credit card? Don’t share or write the pin down, especially in obvious places like your organizer. The use of organizers is limited today but smartphones and tablets get lost, too. Besides that nothing has changed. Your loyal technicians at FC Locksmith will give you the same advice: don’t advertise, announce or share the lock codes.

3 ways to keep lock codes private

  1. Internet is useful but also dangerous. There are ears and eyes everywhere. It is the big brother that will intrude your life if you let it. So, stop announcing private information regarding deadbolt installation or whether your lock codes match your birth date. It is crucial to remember that photographs are forbidden, too. Some people are able to take a picture of your new lock or key and make a duplicate.
  2. Electronic codes can be changed easily. Use that privilege, especially if you would have to share your current code with your parents visiting. The moment they leave, you should change the code. It’s not a matter of trust but security.
  3. Don’t trust this sensitive information with your kids. Children like to talk a lot, especially with strangers and may not recognize right from wrong. If they are old enough, you need to teach them the difference and explain that lock codes are not flyers.
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