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Keyed Alike Locks: Are They for You?

Keyed Alike LocksWhen the discussion about investing (or not) in keyed alike locks gets on the table, there are some things you ought to know before you make up your mind. After all, when we are talking about locks and methods to secure your home or office, the considerations are plenty and the risks just around the corner. So, we are here to explain a few things about keyed alike locks and so, help you decide whether or not they are a perfect choice for you.

Let’s start with the obvious question:

What do we mean by keyed alike locks?

These are locks keyed to work with one key. When it comes to big apartment complexes, office buildings, and firms, there are some really complex master key lock systems designed to meet the security requirements of each place. But you can get such security solutions for your private home, too. It’s actually one master key fits all locks, while all doors have their own key.

Keyed alike locks vs keyed different locks

With the keyed alike locks explained, let’s focus on keyed different locks. Simply put, these are the locks as you know them in the sense that they all have their own key. Period. No master key opening all doors. That’s what you most likely have at home.

Are the keyed alike locks for you?

keysWhen your purse gets too heavy from the large key chain or it takes you a long time to find the right key, while freezing outside your door, the idea of carrying one key for all doors sounds tempting. And it usually is a very good idea. But then again, not all solutions are best for all. It depends on what you want, what you expect, how much you like to spend and several more factors. In order to make an informed decision, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of keyed alike locks.


  • You save money. Why? Because you won’t need to pay for a key replacement every time the key of your front door, back door, or cabinet locks becomes damaged. You will only care for one key.
  • You still have the alternative of individual keys. That’s if you want to trust the storage room key to your neighbor but have the peace of mind that he won’t enter your home.
  • You save time. No more searching for the right key in your bag, especially if you have many keys.
  • It’s convenient & easy. You don’t carry a heavy key chain anymore.


  • You might be faced with an unexpected expense. How come? If your one and only key is lost, it’s not wise to replace it. This might be a risk given that the key might be found in some strange hands. In such cases, you need key change. With keyed different locks, you will only need a locksmith to change the pins of the locks and cut a new key. Here you will need a pro to rekey locks in the entire house and cut a new master key.
  • One key fits all locks BUT locks of the same type and brand. And since most homes have different types of locks around the house, such a project would require changing locks. That’s a small hassle and surely, an extra expense. Unless your cabinet and door locks are all old anyhow. And so, this becomes an opportunity to get new locks of the same brand and type.
Should you have the locks keyed alike or not?
  • Have you lost the house keys? If so, you need lock rekey anyway – to avoid security concerns. So, it’s an opportunity to have all locks keyed alike in the home.
  • Were you planning to change locks, anyway? That’s an excellent time to have the locks keyed alike.
  • Are you moving to a new house and plan to replace the locks, anyhow? Same as above. You can get the same type of locks and have them keyed alike.
  • Like the convenience of using one key for all doors and don’t mind the expense? That project is for you.
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