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How to Secure Your Home

When it comes to home security, people rarely pay attention to installation procedures and usually focus only on what kind of security locks they should get.

Securing your entire home properly and following the right procedures are equal important parameters with choosing the right door locks. In fact, the combination of all above factors is absolutely necessary for your security. Anything less with just jeopardize your own safety and personal valuables.

Leave no door unlocked

There is a very good reason why the experts of FC Locksmith recommend lock change every few years.

  1. First of all, old locks will wear down over time and that’s not good for your security. Don’t underestimate the skills or even resourcefulness of intruders. They can spot an old lock and they can certainly violate it. On the other hand, they will be discouraged by new lock systems.
  2. New lock installation to old, worn doors won’t be helpful either. According to official data one way intruders manage to enter homes is by kicking down the door. After all, you must take into consideration that wood doors will sag and wear over the years, too. Consequently, they won’t lock properly either.
  3. The lock industry makes improvements with great speed. New lock systems are much better and far more reliable than old generation ones.

Homeowners often make the mistake to focus only on the front door locks

forgetting the importance to reinforce the lock systems at back and secondary doors as well as windows. Don’t forget that potential burglars do not just pass by houses but take a look at the sides and back yards trying to find vulnerable entry points.

Alternative and supplementary lock methods

Although lock replacement is the best way to keep intruders out, there are always alternative methods to keep your home secure. If you cannot afford new locks right now or cannot change the locks of all the doors and windows of the house, lock rekey is also a very good solution. You will still have a new lock so to speak and a new key and will feel much safer than with old, damaged locks.

No matter which methods you choose, you must also make sure the locks are installed properly and you must never forget that supplementary techniques will also discourage perpetrators. So, make sure to install alarm systems with sirens at the ground floor doors and windows, reinforce lighting in the perimeter of the house and, of course, don’t forget to keep all entrances locked even if you are in the house.

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