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How to Secure a New Home

locksMoving to a new home is an exciting moment in your life, but it has its dark corners too. One of the main considerations is home security. What makes things tougher is the simple fact that you don’t know the house. You wake up and go to bed in a new environment and that can be scary at first. The ultimate goal is to prevent burglaries and you might laugh when you read advices such as, lock your doors and windows, don’t give the house keys to people you don’t know well, or invest in deadbolt installation. But the truth is that most break-ins are made easy from the homeowners themselves. Now, the crucial thing is not only to keep windows shut but take active measures before and after you move in.

Invest in top-notch door locks & security systems

The simplest advice anyone can give you is to get high security locks at least for the main doors – and not just for the front door. That’s true. Unless the house is already equipped with sophisticated door locks, you’d feel much better by having them replaced. But that’s not all you should do. It’s also wise to invest in security systems, like security cameras, alarms, and similar deterrents that will be installed at the perimeter of the house and not just at the front door.

Check locks often

Okay, the new high security lock installation is done. Now, what? Do youelectronic door locks forget about the locks until the door won’t open and you are locked out? Naturally, there’s not much you can do. But you can have your mind in the way they work and check locks which are not used daily. The older they get, the higher the need for lock repair and service. Fixing a problem is simply a way of preventing a house lockout and locking out burglars along with problems.

Save for lock upgrades

At one point, the need for lock replacement will emerge once again. And not only when the doors won’t lock anymore. The secret to keeping the home secure at all times is to flow with new technology. Not that you need to change locks every time a new product comes out. But when your locks become old and outdated, it’s time to upgrade them with a new lockset that will be more advanced. Don’t forget that old locks become toys in the hands of experienced thieves.

Be a good neighbor to have a good neighbor

The neighborhood becomes a lot safer and a barrier to thieves when all households stick together, look one after the other, and find solutions to prevent burglaries. You don’t have to love thy neighbor to tell him that his window is left open. He’ll do the same for you.

Use common sense

If you have the habit of leaving the first floor windows open or the keys in the lock, you simply make it easy to common thieves. Next time you read “lock your door to secure your home”, don’t laugh. Do you know how many people leave their doors unlocked? So, do the obvious whether your home is new or starts getting old now. Lock. Draw the curtains to keep people from looking in. Double-check before you go on a trip. And keep the phone number of a local locksmith on speed dial. You never know when you might need help. Wouldn’t you prefer to be prepared rather than scared?

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