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How to Prevent Lock Problems in the Winter

frozen car door lockWinter does not come free of problems. Though, each problem does not have the same level of seriousness. When it comes to door locks, matters are critical since they are associated with one’s security. Winter snow is marvelous to look at but not so friendly with locks. In this case, knowledge really becomes a great tool for the prevention of problems.

If you know the effects of winter on locks, you will be able to take measures to avoid being locked out or suddenly deal with a broken key.

Common winter lock problems and solutions

frozen door lockThe heavier the winter the greater the problem! Moisture accumulated within the keyhole due to snow and rain will freeze your security door locks. In extreme weather conditions, you won’t even be able to put the key in the hole. At best, you won’t be able to turn the key. The repercussions are obvious. The key might break or it just won’t open the door. Consequently, you will be experiencing a house lockout and stand in the middle of winter’s fury. You will have similar problems with the car locks. If you park outside at home or work, one day you will discover that the key won’t open the door or the trunk. That’s bad news especially if you are in a hurry or have no other place to go. So, how about preventing such problems with a few precaution steps!

frozen car door lock and keyThe easiest way to avoid such problems is lock lubrication. It’s easy to do it during winter time but if you want to avoid problems altogether, it’s best to lubricate locks before winter comes. It will keep ice from building up inside the keyhole. Don’t forget that dust and oil from fingers build up in locks the whole year and in combination with moisture and ice can make a nasty result. That’s why FC Locksmith also suggests good cleaning of the lock before winter. Otherwise, the lock will freeze and you will have to warm up the key in order to slowly melt down the ice and insert as well as turn the key without breaking it.

Things will just get worse if the keys and locks are old. It will mean that the locks will have even more dust and the keys will be slightly damaged. So, the best period for lock replacement is before the cold months come. Changing the locks in combination with keeping them clean and lubricated will save you from using the hairdryer under a snowing sky.

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