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How to Lock Burglars Out of Your Home (for Good)

safe houseEven the most expensive high-security door locks cannot protect you if you fail to obey some fundamental rules. No one will ever deny the huge role of high-security locks to the prevention of burglaries. But burglar-proofing your home takes a lot of common-sense steps to avoid the inevitable when you leave the doors unlocked and the windows open.

Installing high-security locks is great, but not the only solution

Investing in new locks when the old ones get damaged or cannot protect anymore is wise. But this is not the only thing you should do to keep burglars out of your home. There’s a definitely a need for some reliable security systems – CCTV systems, motion detectors, lots of lighting in the yard, first-class locks – you name it. Nobody will ever tell you that investing in a resistant deadbolt installation and all sorts of security systems is a bad idea.

The key to your home security is not to rely exclusively on such equipment. There’s no doubt, reliable door locks will resist any burglary method. But isn’t it also important to have a durable door? What’s the point in spending lots of money on lock change when the door is ready to break down?

And that’s not all.

Knowing a thing or two about home break-in stats is good

You also need to be aware of some things related to home break-ins. For example, most burglaries happen during the day. Most burglars are opportunistic thieves, and not heavily armed gangsters. They seek easy targets to hit – open windows, unlock doors, open doors, empty houses, houses with no security systems at all, etc. They usually don’t have the means to break-into well-secured homes and surely not the time to bother. They want to go in and out as quickly as possible – the duration of most burglaries is approximately 8 minutes.

thiefThere are multiple vulnerable areas around the house – don’t forget that. Burglars may break from the garage, the side door, the back door, or the first-floor window – they rarely come in from the front door – unless they find it open or have your keys.

Now that you know all these things, what changes?

How your common sense fits into your home security plans

The secret path to your peace of mind is to bring logic into your everyday habits. If you lose the house key, call for lock rekey. Getting a duplicate won’t do you any good if the thief can use the key to unlock your door.

One common mistake is to believe that your presence at home will drive burglars away. Sometimes, it works. No wonder we all like to leave the TV on or some lights on when we go out. But some burglars won’t care. They will climb and enter your home from the upper-floor bedroom window and steal things, while you are downstairs cooking. So, follow your common sense.

  • Lock the doors and windows
  • Remove ladders that may ease their job
  • For the same reason, prune trees close to the house
  • Hide valuables from plain sight
  • Don’t leave bikes, tools, and other stuff in the yard – they draw attention
  • Don’t give your keys to anyone
  • Stop hiding keys in the garden

The combo of good locks and changing your everyday habits can work to your benefit. Don’t forget that common-sense plays a big role to the prevention of burglaries, but locks do too. If you install a deadbolt today, it doesn’t mean it will protect for the rest of your life. Make sure lock problems are fixed to have complete peace of mind. That’s common sense, too.

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