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How to Improve Mobile Home Security

Mobile Home SecurityLiving in a mobile home doesn’t imply you underestimate the importance of home security. Still, the door locks that come with typical mobile constructions cannot offer protection. In spite of the variety of mobile homes, they all share one common thing. They are not very sturdy. They don’t incorporate high security locks or durable frames. The result? They can be easy targets to thieves. Since you don’t want that but still live in a mobile home that is entitled to high security systems, take a look at what you can do to feel safer.

Get high security locks

High security deadbolts are not reserved only for manufactured homes. They may as wellDbolt_Thumb meet the security needs of mobile homes too. Let us start the other way around. Mobile homes are cost-effective solutions because they lack certain elements that will make them more durable and resistant. When it comes to elements regarding security, they usually come with simple knob locks that don’t offer the same protection as deadbolts offer.

So, start with that: deadbolt installation. You need to be sure all entry points of your mobile home are secured with deadlocks that also have a 1-inch bolt while the strike plate is secured on the frame with 3-inch screws. Speaking about the frames, they must be solid too. And they rarely are in mobile homes. And truth be told, why should you install new locks if the frame is hollow? There won’t be any resistance if someone tries to kick the door down. So, if you replace locks, replace frames too.

Get better quality doors and windows

The doors should not be hollow either. And that’s often the case in mobile homes. They are not durable and sturdy and so installing a high security lock on a weak door won’t do the job of keeping intruders out. You need to make sure all doors and windows are sturdy constructions with a durable frame and a resistant deadbolt. There are also window and door jammers on the market if you like to make them extra resistant. Now, if by any chance your mobile home has good quality doors, you need to make sure they are intact. The door must be aligned for the bolt of the deadlock to enter the strike and so you need to take notice of the hinges too. If there is any problem, you need to do the required door repair.

Invest in thief deterrents

thief deterrentsOther ways to improve mobile home security is to install CCTV cameras and an alarm. An easy way to discourage thieves from approaching your mobile home is to place plenty of lights around the house. You can install motion sensors that will turn on the lights if there is anyone snooping around your home. Lastly, you can invest in a safe where you can keep all the valuables you keep around the house. Since it will be hard to hide a safe in a mobile house, prefer a large one that will be very hard for an intruder to carry. And why not get a fireproof safe that will still keep your valuables intact in the case of a fire! Needless to say that you should lock the doors even if you pop out for a few minutes and perhaps get a light timer to give the impression that someone is in the house.

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