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How to Choose the Right Lock

LockinstallWhile it’s fair to say that any new lock installation will increase security, choosing any lock is just not right. There is too much involved to just pick any lock from the shelf. Replacing the old lock is wise because overtime locks become rusty and dust builds up to the point that you can’t use the key with ease anymore. But the point of lock replacement is to get a product, which is even more reliable than the previous one. And that’s also a good reason for changing the lock in the first place. New locks are often more durable and resistant and hence reliable. But not all locks are created equal. And there is no one lock fits all doors.

3 factors to consider before lock replacement

Security level

It’s one thing trying to find cabinet locks and another thing trying to find locks to secure the main entry points at home or office. And then again requirements and expectations vary too. So you might want to pick combination locks for an internal door lock although these doors often utilize simple, low security locks.

It’s actually very difficult to choose high security locks. And that’s because there are many options. And then it’s the question: mechanical or electronic locks? Since you aim at enhancing security, what you must check first is the resistance of the lock. Digital or not, you must make sure the locks you pick are certified by ANSI/BHMA. The ANSI standards define the durability and resistance of each lock by grading them according to their performance at progressive levels. So grade 3 locks might be good for average expectations of residential security but if you want a better level of security, you should choose grade 2 locks. The best locks for either residential or commercial use is grade 1.


Home locks are often easier to find. Most people would choose high security ones for theirAccess-Control-small front and back doors and simple knob locks for their rooms. But one common mistake is that people forget to install resistant window locks. They forget that sliding porch/patio doors also require high security systems. For such doors, it’s best to use multiple point locks. For windows, you can also get locks which allow you to open the window slightly just to ventilate the room. And that’s important because many burglars jump in from open windows.

When it comes to commercial locks, that’s a different story. There is often a need for digital deadbolt installation even internally. There is no doubt that all main entry and exit points should have very resistant locks. Emergency exits must have the right panic bar systems. But it’s often necessary to install access control systems and combination locks inside the company too. This facilitates but also controls access to particular areas, which might be restricted to some members of the staff and to the public.


As a rule of thumb, digital locks are more expensive than mechanical ones. The more resistant the lock, the more it will cost. So you actually need to weigh what you get and what you pay. Although the price tag is important to every single one of us, there is no price tag on our security. On the other hand, don’t trust that all expensive products are also the very best. For example, a $300 electronic lock might not be as good as a $200 mechanical door lock.

So the best way to be sure you choose the right lock is to consider which door or window you want to secure and which the features of the lock are.

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