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How to Avoid Front Door Break-Ins

Avoid Front Door Break-InsIt’s been a while since people started investing in deadbolt installation, high-end security systems, surveillance cameras and all sorts of ways to keep burglars out of their home. And the truth is that it paid off. The number of burglaries is decreased both in Canada and the USA.

Should we sleep better at night knowing that there’s no club of potential burglars in our neighborhood? Not exactly. Burglaries still happen. Although the numbers have decreased, residential burglaries still account for the largest percentage of burglary offenses. Perhaps, we could sleep alright, though, considering that many of these offenses happen during the day, during the times we are not at home. As you can see, there are several things to consider.

So, what’s the solution to everyone’s everlasting problem – the fear of a possible break-in? Should we hire an army of security guards to stand outside our front door? And even, if we (theoretically) could do that, would it pay off? Let’s see.

Front door burglaries happen & could be easily avoided

Front doors are usually too exposed for burglars to take risks. It’s no wonder many break-ins happen via other entry points. A good percentage of break-ins happens through windows followed by side doors, rear doors, garage doors, second floors and even, basements.

Basically, to avoid a break-in, you need to make sure every single entry point around the house is properly secured. No more settling for poor quality door locks for the side entry or the second storey. You need good protection for easy-to-reach doors and windows. Perhaps, an alarm. Heavy aluminum sliding doors and multiple-point locks. Motion activated lights all around the house.

And although, the pie of break-in points is split around the house, many still happen via the front door.

Many front door break-ins happen (with our permission)

Magnet-on-doorThe days when we left the home doors unlocked are gone. And that’s a common mistake that leads to the impossible situation of coming face to face with a burglar. Leaving the front door (or any easy-to-access door around the house, for that matter) unlocked is not a good thing. In an age when crime thrives – even if the break-in percentages have dropped, taking measures to avoid the impossible is a smart move.

What to do to avoid burglaries

Don’t forget that many break-ins happen during the day. Or, when the house is supposed to be empty. During the summer, for example. So, what you should do to avoid a burglary, apart from keeping all doors and windows locked?

  • Change locks every now and while. Locks last for a long time. Then again, some wear cannot be avoided. Locks freeze, age, get damaged. And at the same time, new locks hit the market. Don’t forget that burglars do their homework, too. They know all about locks (it’s their job, anyway). The secret to beat them at the “game” is to stay ahead of them. Install locks, new locks, better locks – locks that are certified to be durable and resistant. That’s high security 101.
  • You may not bring in the troops and hire an army of private guards to protect your home, but you can invest in a combination of measures. You need good locks and also, motion sensor lights, an alarm, bright garden lighting. Does it cost to invest in such things and also, keep them upgraded? It does. No doubt. But it will cost you more if someone break-ins, if your house is targeted as “vulnerable” in the thief-club. It’s like your home insurance. You pay just in case…
  • If you get smart door locks, keyless entry systems with codes and personal passwords, change them once in a while. Naturally, never share the codes.
  • If your key is stolen or lost, rekey the locks. Call a locksmith urgently to rekey the locks and make you new keys. Never take chances with such things.

Yes, everyone says, leave the lights on, turn the TV on – make noise, let the potential burglars outside know you are in. That’s a good thing. No doubt. Burglars don’t want to take risks by entering homes where the family members may be in all parts of the house. But if you have good locks, locks that are upgraded quite often, a security system that can safeguard your home, you don’t need to stage a scene every evening just to drive thieves away.

And what about when you are on vacation? Apart from having resistant locks, build good neighbor relations. Do everything you can so that your home won’t seem empty – mow the lawn before you go. Tell the postman to keep your mail. And let’s face it. We all want to avoid break-ins. But if they are to happen, let them happen when you are away.

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