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How Helpful Fake Security Cameras & Signs Are?

CCTV_installYou get a dog, put up a warning sign saying that there are ‘security cameras in use’ and then drive off in the sunset having peace of mind that your home is safeguarded. When you come back, the door locks are broken and someone has burgled your home. So, a fake sign and a guard dog were not enough to prevent a burglary, after all. Does that mean that all these fake security cameras are absolutely NOT worthy of your attention? Do you have to start saving some money to get the real thing? Let’s see.

Why most people end up getting dummy security cameras

The fact is that CCTV systems really work. Not only do they provide footage in case it is needed but act as thief deterrents. With so many high-tech security systems available on the market, burglars prefer to target and hit properties which are not guarded. The drawback with the real thing is the price tag. If you want to have a good system, you need to pay a considerable amount of money. And although the expense for the security cameras installation is definitely worth it, it’s not feasible for all people. Those in tight budgets end up with fake security cameras and stickers and really take the risk.

Are fake security cameras any good?

The goal is to keep burglars away from your home. And so the question isSecurity Systems Installation whether or not a fake CCTV system will fool the burglars. Well, don’t hold your breath.

There are certainly some advantages when buying fake security cameras.

  • Easy to install
  • Cheap to buy
  • They might fool some burglars
  • They are better than doing nothing at all

You can find dummy cameras in all shapes, sizes, and styles and most of them turn and zoom like the real thing. They even have this red light flashing to indicate that the property is protected. But hold your horses. These features don’t substitute the real thing. In fact, the red light is often missing from the real security cameras. And dummy ones don’t follow the moves of the perpetrator but just turn. And so, here are the main drawbacks of a fake CCTV installation.

  • An experienced burglar will know the difference.
  • Should a burglary happens, there will be no footage and thus no evidence.
  • If by any chance this will be a commercial CCTV system, you might have legal implications.
  • If they are not really protecting you, they won’t provide peace of mind.
  • If you use fake signs but there is no evidence of a home protection, the burglar will notice it.
Security cameras are not enough to safeguard your home

security cameraBefore you brainstorm to get some ideas on how to protect your home, let us point out this: CCTV systems are excellent but only when they are combined with high security locks. So even if we talk about real cameras, it’s pointless to invest in such expensive systems if you haven’t installed extra strong deadbolt locks first. If your family budget only permits the purchase of fake cameras, at least be sure that the door locks will resist the force entry. So, start from there.

Overall, having real security cameras and warning signs that speak the truth is definitely better than getting dummy products. But if you cannot afford them just yet, invest in the best possible high security door locks, get motion lights, install an alarm or at least take it one step at a time till you’ll be able to completely fortify your home. A fake sign or camera might not fool a potential burglar but the resistance of a strong deadbolt will keep him out.

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