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How Can You Lose Keys Without Having One?

electronic card lockIf you keep losing your keys, let them get lost once and for all! Who needs them anyway today! Isn’t it funny talking to a high tech cell, keeping a new generation laptop in your hands and holding conventional keys! Isn’t it time to look at the good things new technology has brought to our doorstep and forget about problems resulting from lost house keys? Conventional locks are great but electronic keyless ones are greater! So, why settle with the best when you can have the optimum?

The new age came with excellent electronic door locks

Code LocksSettling with whatever is available in the shelves is not a solution when it comes to security matters. If you don’t know a thing about electronic locks, just ask! FC Locksmith will be glad to assist you! This is the time to wave goodbye to conventional keys and locks and say hello to the new age! Why go through the fuss of searching the keys of your door locks in your purse for hours? Why hide them under the doormat to avoid lockouts? Today, the key can be you. Just put your finger on the lock and the door will open. This is the biometric age, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s time to explore it!

biometric lock

Why biometric security door locks? Well, for starters you don’t have any keys. You don’t have to remember codes and you just have to use your finger. Every member of your family can use fingers to gain access to the house. Do you want to open the garage door or arm the alarm system? Just choose a finger. The fingertip locks scan fingertips and store them. They cannot be regenerated and they can store up to 100 different ones. In some cases, these locks will work with a combination of fingertips and codes. And let perpetrators wondering what to do!

If you don’t want biometric systems, you can go with keyless electronic locks. You will just enter the code to have access to your home and this code can be changed at your convenience easily. Is a friend visiting from out of town? He can have his own code, which can be erased after his departure. Plain and simple! No keys, no house lockouts, no fuss! Many electronic systems can be connected with your computer or smartphone to warn you about the status of the door and most of them will unlock in case of a fire. They are too smart for kids, who won’t be able to exit the premises unless you grant them access and the locks will be secured the minute you close the door. Do you still care to carry keys?

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