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Hot Spots for Security Cameras Installation

best-locations-security-camerasThe question is simple: which are the best places to install security cameras? The answer is not so simple and for various reasons. Should we point out that not all homes are the same? That’s the number one factor that shapes such decisions. And then, the hot spots for security cameras installation are also determined by the neighborhood and the crime stats in the area, the layout of the home’s exterior, and the rest of the measures you are taking to safeguard your property. The problem is that the wrong position of a security camera cancels its purpose. And so, finding the right locations to put them makes perfect sense.

The best exterior locations to place security cameras

  • Front, back & side doors

The main entry points of the house are your first line of defense. You don’t only need cameras but also high-security locks too. One complements the other – the camera acts as the deterrent and the door locks provide the required resistance. The truth is that not all burglars choose the front door, but some appear as salesmen and try to trick you to enter the home. A camera will keep them from doing so. The back and side doors are more luring solutions to burglars since they are out of sight. And so, CCTV installation in such places goes a long way.

  • Alleys

Not all family homes have small alleys on the sides. And when they do,Alleys-security-cameras there’s often a side door too – and we have already talked about the importance of installing CCTV cameras in such places. But what if there’s a small alley on the two sides of your home (without side doors)! Wouldn’t you want to know if someone is hiding there and gets ready to attack when you open the door? A camera placed in an angle that provides full view of the alley will be a great deterrent. To enhance the security of those spots, brighten them up with exterior lighting too. Don’t keep them in the dark.

  • Garage door

You don’t only need garage door locks but cameras to monitor the area. Burglars love breaking in from garage doors since there’s often a small or big problem with them and getting access into the indoors becomes easy for them. Still, opening the garage door is not easy. A camera will record the burglar’s moves and not just for seconds. And during the minutes he’ll need to break-in, he’ll most likely make the mistake of showing his face or body marks. So, go for it.

  • Driveway

If the driveway is long and the garage door cameras fail to catch the movements all the way to the gate, add some extra ones. You will feel safer when you drive in and there’ll be recording evidence of any movement in the driveway or even the yard.

  • Gate

Gates are main entry points to properties. And they come with some kind of fence. It’s vital to have a CCTV system. Whether this is a family home or an apartment building, intercom systems come handy. And if you are going to invest in such a system, it’d be best if you get a telephone entry system with camera. Now, if the fence is rather long, there’ll be some space unprotected. Naturally, you cannot install CCTV systems every other inch. But if the fence is not too tall or easy to jump over, you might want to consider the installation of a camera at the further end with direction towards the property.

  • Openings & windows

Sliding doors and windows are entry points too. Don’t miss to take them into account when you plan out where to put surveillance cameras. Ground floor entry points are always the most vulnerable parts of the house. Cameras will make the potential burglars to think twice before they attempt to break in or even approach your threshold.

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