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Home Security Tips for Christmas

Security tips for christmasYou don’t have to go far to tempt thieves entering your home during Christmas. You can tempt them even by going to the mall or visiting friends for dinner! Instead of talking about Christmas carols, decorations and wishes, we lately talk about Christmas crime and how to avoid it. You have to keep in mind one thing: burglars know that this holiday season you are going to buy new stuff for the house and your family and they try to take advantage of it.

So, the secret is to outsmart them and the first step is to stop thinking that they will only break into your home if you live for ten days. They can break in when you are upstairs sleeping and they know you have bought a few new high tech gadgets.

Home security tips

christmas door locks decorationsWhen you are at home, keep door locks secure. Change them if they have problems and make sure windows are also locked and nobody can have visual access to the gifts featuring under the Christmas tree. It’s also important to avoid throwing away the box of your new gadgets. Burglars go through trash!!! They will know what the latest gift to yourself is and if they are interested, they will just come and get it. Don’t make access easy. If you have a big house, you need more than a good lock. You will need security cameras and security locks to all possible entrances.

Security tips for the times you are out

family on vecationIt goes without saying that if you really live for Christmas vacations, you must seriously consider whether you need lock change. You can even consult FC Locksmith for an evaluation. At the same time, you must cancel the paper, ask neighbors to keep an eye, and leave some garden lights on. If you are just driving to a restaurant for friends gathering, remember that thieves love handbags hanging from chairs. Avoid putting them there and having the zip open. Don’t forget that along with the bag, you will also deal with the consequences of the lost house keys but also the car keys.

What to do when you are out shopping

christmas presentsTry to avoid shopping too much in one day. For one, someone may be watching you and follow you to your car. It will also be hard to move and someone can easier still your transponder key or bag. Also, you might find it necessary to put some of the gifts to the car before you carry on with your shopping. That will be very dangerous for your car since potential thieves might take the opportunity to break-in. It’s sad to say that you must hide the gifts for security reasons and be extra careful but that’s the bad side of such a happy holiday and we ought to be careful in order to enjoy Christmas this year, too!


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