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Home Security Concerns as Homes Get Smarter and Smarter

smart door locks You would think that in a world full of smart door locks, apps, and security solutions, your home or office will be entirely burglar-proof. The truth is that today we have plenty of options among keyless entry systems, biometrics, keypads, and conventional locks.

On the other hand, all those inclined to follow technology and ready to appreciate any new app and the merits of relying on convenient and friendly to the homeowner systems, they fall into the trap of believing in flawless designs. And systems. That’s not true either.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We don’t need to turn our back to technology but neither getting too enthusiastic about it before it becomes mainstream. We don’t need to settle with old security techniques and conventional deadbolt installation either. It’s good to be open to new technology, but also take baby steps and always remember that our home security is neither a game nor an arena for experiments.

Watch what you post on social media

One simple mistake is advertising where you live, when you go away, and when you plan to get back from your vacation on social media. Such means are not related to your home security directly. But indirectly, they can bring things upside-down. When you post messages on social media, you need to remember that you don’t confide to your best friend. These are messages that can be seen by many people, even if they are private. So, think twice before telling – in great details, often – when you are flying for your summer vacation.

Are smart door locks a good choice for you?

When you decide to get smart door locks, you need to consider this. A standard deadbolt is not exactly “dumb”. And then, not all smart locks are the same or for all homes and people. They are definitely tempting. The convenience of using the smartphone to lock or unlock the house door is often enough to make people go buy a smart lock.

Let’s pause here. Nobody can deny the convenience of smart locks. You can tap on your phone to unlock, save temporary codes, check the history of movements and also the status of the lock, and guess what: you’ll never need a locksmith for lockout service. And there’s more. In an event of an emergency, you can remotely unlock the door for your child or parents.

The drawbacks are not plenty but they have to do with the lock installation or the system and brand you choose. Or the fear of losing the smartphone or being hacked. Don’t forget that smart door locks can still be picked. And today there’s also the fear of cyber-attacks.

Smart homes may also be vulnerable

smart door locksThe Internet of Things has become a tempting solution for a good number of households that opted for a smart home. Suddenly, they discovered the convenience of pressing a button or two to have the garage door closed, the lights turned on, the oven working, and the doors locked. All is swell apart from one thing.

Many families were not prepared for such high-tech systems and smart apps. And then, such systems may not be entirely trustworthy – and that’s a main consideration when it comes to your high security door locks. Will the front door be locked automatically at nine? Or will the system unlock the door due to a conflict? And will you notice it? And don’t forget about the endless messages sent from one device to the next, the potential mistakes or human errors, or even the possible hacking. You wouldn’t want others to know the code of your smart high security lock. Would you?

Who said you need to hurry to try out everything new at once without giving such systems a chance to become a tried-and-tested security measure? Burglaries are not a new invention. The crime stats are high nowadays – no doubt. And all such high-tech systems come out for our own benefit. But how about if we would trust door locks generations and generations trusted and take small steps toward the new technology instead of jumping all in?

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