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High Security Key Systems

It’s interesting to think about how something as small as a key can be so important for your overall safety.

Keys are the one tool that keeps people from entering your home or business, and while keys may look alike, each has its own unique combination cut into it that allows you to come in and keeps others out. For most homes, a simple key system is enough. But for businesses that handle products or data of high value, you may need something more.

What is a High Security Key System?

The more people that have access to something your business needs to keep secure, the more at risk it is. The goal of security is to limit the number of people that have access to its contents, and high security key systems are designed for that purpose.

Often with small businesses there is a single key designed to access every lock in a building. This means that everyone in the workplace has access to each and every available lock, even those they do not need access to. This represents a security risk for your company, as not only do they have access to each room, but anyone that comes into extended contact with their keys can make copies and also gain access to these rooms.

Other Benefits of High Security Key Systems

High security key systems do come in different styles, so depending on the type of installation you choose you may find some or all of the following benefits, including:

  • Tamper and blunt force resistant locks.
  • Tracking of who used which lock using what key.
  • Quick and easy lock change after employee turnover.

You may also use a high security key system that includes electronic locks or other forms of security that may benefit you in the event of attempted robbery or unauthorized access to specific locations within your building.

High Security Lock Systems – Extra Protection

Although slightly more expensive than traditional locking systems, high security key systems provide an extra level of protection that is otherwise unavailable with traditional locks, and may even help you save money over time by not requiring that you change the locks every time a disgruntled employee leaves. High security lock systems are a useful way to add valuable security to your business.

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