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Locking yourself out of your home can be a stressful experience

Your home is supposed to be a place of refuge, and when you find that you’ve misplaced your key, it can often feel as though your only place of safety has been lost. Few things are as upsetting as realizing you have lost the one tool needed to get into your home. That is why it may be a good idea for you to use a hide-a-key somewhere outside of your house.

What is a Hide-a-key?

“Hide-a-key” is a generic term for anything used to hide a spare key. The key term here is “hide” – your key represents free entrance into your home, so you need to find a place that burglars will not be aware of. The idea is that in an emergency if you are unable to get into your home, you can quickly grab the hide-a-key and easily enter your residence as needed.

What Are the Advantages of a Hide-a-key?

Safety – Clearly the greatest advantage of a hide-a-key is the ability to easily get into your home in the event you misplaced your home keys. Hide-a-keys allow you to quickly grab your spare key and enter your home as needed, almost as though your keys were never lost at all.

Ease – With a hide-a-key, you won’t need to provide a spare key to a friend or neighbor and hope they’re home and available if you lock yourself out of your place. Instead, you can quickly find your own spare key and get inside your home instantly, without any need to get help from others.

Convenience – Hide-a-keys also allow you to avoid taking your keys with you to places that may be inconvenient, like on a vacation. They may also help in an emergency, if you need someone to enter your home quickly and you are not in a position to hand them a key.

What Hide-a-key Options Are There?

The most common Hide-a-key option is the fake rock. These rocks hide your key inside and can be placed around your garden in order to keep your key safe. There are also fake sprinkler heads, yard figurines, and other tools you can use to hide your key. You can also create your own hiding spot somewhere around your home that you know others will not look. They key – is to find a place that you will remember and that no one else would be able to find without looking for it.


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