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Have the House Key Replaced or Changed? The Best Solution for You

Key ReplacedIt’s never a good time to have troubles with the house keys! That’s one thing all home key problems have in common. But you wouldn’t address all problems in the same way, now. Would you? We are going to explain the difference between key change and replacement, and what action should you take based on your problem.

Key change – what it is, when you need it

You need to change keys when rekey locks – and vice versa. By changing keys, you forget all about the old ones. The locksmith cuts a new key to fit in the rekeyed lock. The old key won’t match the rekeyed lock anymore. That’s the whole point, anyway.

To help you understand better, let’s break down the common situations when you need lock rekey and key change.

  • The key is lost
  • The key is stolen
  • Other people have your home key
  • You moved to a new home and don’t know who might still have the key

Such situations are urgent. No wonder you’ll need an emergency locksmith to rekey the locks of your home right away. The whole point is to keep those who have the keys of your home from entering the property (old tenants, thieves, ex-spouses, etc.). And so, all you want is to render the original key useless. That’s what key change is all about.

But if you change the key, will you also need to change locks? No. That’s the essence of rekeying locks. The locksmiths simply change the pins and the configuration, and cut the new key accordingly. This action will keep all those in possession of your home key out of the door.

There’s more. You won’t need the key changed only in such urgent cases, but also to make your life easier. Let’s say you have various keys for various door locks. If you are tired of keeping multiple keys, a local locksmith will create one key that will match to all locks, given that all locks are of the same brand and style.

Key replacement – what it is, when you need it

key changedYou need a house key replacement when the original one is in bad shape or is misplaced within the home and you cannot find it. You will need a new key for your home if anything at all happens to the existing one. Keys may become damaged or rusty. They might accidentally fall in the drain or thrown in the fire. In such situations when your home security will not be threatened due to the key but you still have problems with the house key, you will need to get another one. People often need key duplicates to give to the children or in-laws.

These situations are not urgent, but may turn into bad experiences if you don’t act quickly. Why? A damaged key may be the reason for your house lockout. If it bends or gets too rusty, it might not fit in the keyhole. Or it might break inside the lock. As a consequence, you’ll be locked out. Spare yourself the hassle and fear that comes with house and apartment lockouts, and get a new key when the existing one becomes damaged.

Beware. It’s wise to have the damaged key replaced only if the locks are in a good condition. If you’d need lock change anyway sooner or later, there’s no reason to replace the key. Replace the lock, get a new key for it, and have peace of mind that no harm will come your way.

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