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Front Door Vulnerabilities Put Home Security at Stake

Front Door VulnerabilitiesEverything about your front door matters to your home security. The door’s condition, material, lock all matter. And then, it’s the way you use it, if you lock it, how often you check it. And there’s more. That’s the surrounding environment. How safe is it? Is there a lit clear pathway? Or dense bushes in the dark?

Since the idea of finding the home burgled is enough to cause unease and terror, it’s better if you prevent by looking into ways to protect the number one vulnerable part of your home: the front door.

The front door vulnerability

As a professional locksmith would tell you a burglar comes in from all entry points. The front door is not the only way in. In fact, for years, the front door was considered the last entry point a burglar would prefer due to its position – the front part of the house. And indeed, many burglars do come in from the side, back, and garage door. They break in from windows and any entry point they find unprotected. And that’s exactly the point. The level of protection makes all the difference. All burglars want is to go in as fast as possible, get what they get as fast as possible, and then flee. And so, the condition, status, and security of the door all make a difference.

Now, when homeowners started believing that their front door was of no great interest to the burglars, they let go and the burglars found the vulnerable point of most homes. People got into the habit of not locking their front door. And that’s an old habit, which as it seems it never died. No wonder most burglars simply open the front door and steal. This shouldn’t be called a break-in but a pure invitation to one’s home. All jokes aside, this is truly the main reason why home break-ins still thrive.

And unfortunately, this is not the only thing we do wrong.

Have you checked the front door lately?

The quality, as well as the condition of the front door, determines the home’s vulnerability, big time. There’s a reason why there’s a variety of solid front doors and why heavy-duty wood and steel doors are ideal for the home entrance. Hollow doors and cheap materials or materials that are hardly durable cannot resist kicking. And that’s a usual method of breaking into a home: kick the door down. Now, if the lock is in bad shape, a simple model, or old and pretty damaged, kicking the door down becomes a piece of cake.

How often do you change the front door locks?

high security lockSpeaking of front door locks, how often do you change them? And are they high-security locks? All main entry points need good locks. Now, if you consider the multiple times the front door is used and how many family members lock and unlock it, you can understand that the lock’s durability matters – at least for that. Of course, the more durable the lock, the more secure the house.

Is your front door well lit?

You should feel safe when you stand at your threshold. You should feel safe when you try to unlock the door – or even when you lock to go away. One of the best ways to feel safe is to add lights at the home entrance. Also, place lights in the surrounding area and in the walkway. Trim these bushes around the front door that may be beautiful but can easily become the hiding point of potential burglars.

lights at the home entrance.It’s clear that when the front door is strong and solid, the lock is good and new, the lock installation is flawlessly done, and the surroundings are well-lit and safe, the chances of break-ins are minimized. Today, there are good locks on the market. There are good locksmiths out there. There are all sorts of lights, motion sensors, and all kinds of security systems to make the front door invulnerable – a no, no to burglars, a haven to you. Why don’t you consider the options – starting with the door and the lock?

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