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How to Ensure Locks will Work This Winter

frozen door lockWhen it comes to door locks, people are usually confronted with two major problems. The first one regards the possibility of burglaries. The second one is related with the effects of the cold weather on locks. If you think about it, these two problems are also interconnected. If locks are damaged, the house will be more vulnerable to burglars. So, you need to make sure winter security door locks issues are solved before they even pop.

The secret is to take care of actual problems before snow freezes not only your hands but also the keys and locks. Fall is always the best time to have lock repair done and forget about winter bolt issues. Will that be enough? Well, it will depend on the condition of your locks!

Fall time – time to take lock issues seriously

Consider the possible effects from the cold weather. The lock might freeze, the key won’t fit and eventually it won’t turn and might break. Now consider the repercussions in your own life. You will be locked out, the broken key will need replacement and the door might remain open. So, the best chance you have to avoid such problems is to take precautions now. As long as the locks are alright and need no repairs, you simply have to ensure they are properly lubricated. Though, keep in mind that locks might look fine and work fine but they might be very dirty. Dust in combination with moisture resulting from the cold will make the keyhole even stiffer. It’s not surprising that FC Locksmith always recommends good cleaning before lubrication.

If your locks are not in the best possible condition, you will have to replace them before you lubricate them. Problems just get worse when the locks are already problematic. Key replacement will be a solution only when the problem is centered in the key and not the lock. In a different case, having the locks replaced and getting a new key along will be the ideal solution. Although winter is not the favor time of burglars, it doesn’t mean that they take a break from their “work”. Having reliable bolts in all doors and windows is a necessity anyway. If you add the troubles coming along with the winter, you can understand that taking care of locks in the fall is not a bad idea at all.

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